Security and regulations of the crypto market

The global cryptocurrency market is not called the Wild West for nothing. A lack of regulatory framework opens many loopholes for black sheep and poses a risk to investors. What then happens can be seen in the case of FTX.

It is all the more important to find a reputable and trustworthy partner for trading and storing cryptocurrencies. Aspects such as risk management, strong security concepts and compliance with legislation should be top priorities for any reputable crypto provider.

Other companies are successful in changing jurisdictions and jumping from place to place to circumvent regulations. However, BISON, as part of the Boerse Stuttgart Group, is committed to the highest standards to protect users’ assets. BISON is stable, stable, reliable and safe.

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BISON welcomes regulation!

The Boerse Stuttgart Group can look back on a 160-year history and has a leading role among all exchange groups in Europe in crypto and digital business. The motto is: Regulation and security should form the foundation of any crypto business.

A clear regulatory framework for trading in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in Europe benefits private investors in particular. In addition, compliance by regulated companies with the law would make fraud almost impossible.

For this reason, BISON operates exclusively in the regulated environment of the Boerse Stuttgart Group. In this environment, the BISON platform, introduced at the beginning of 2019, offers a comprehensive security concept in which insurance is integrated against, among other things, hacker attacks, theft and technical loss. If you want to keep crypto safe, then BISON is the right place for you. If desired, the cryptocurrencies can be paid out to your own wallet.

How secure storage works with BISON

This is how BISON gives customers easy, smart and secure access to cryptocurrencies. At no time are assets in the trust lent to any third party.

Real proof of a company’s financial situation can only be provided by an independent third-party audit. This is mandatory for German financial service providers and is therefore carried out at BISON as part of the annual audit.

This is how BISON keeps assets safe:

  • The assets are owned 1:1 in trust by blocknox GmbH in Germany (another subsidiary of the Boerse Stuttgart Group).
  • blocknox GmbH is committed to the highest security standards. It uses a multi-level security concept.
  • In addition, insurance is integrated into the storage concept, which protects against hacker attacks, theft and technical loss.
  • The information security management system is ISO 27001 certified.
  • The assets kept in custody are not lent to third parties.
  • BISON operates in the regulated environment of the Stuttgart stock exchange. The trading partner EUWAX AG (another subsidiary of the Boerse Stuttgart Group) and the banking partner Solaris meet all legal requirements in Germany.

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Not only security, but also advanced products

BISON monitors its holdings on a daily basis and performs regular internal checks on the trust assets. Regarding the custody processes and the information security management system (ISMS), blocknox GmbH is subject to several internal and external audits during the year, which are forwarded to the responsible supervisory authorities.

But that’s not all. In addition to security, reliability and storage of cryptocurrencies, BISON offers access to trade the most popular cryptocurrencies and other useful features. These functions include, for example, the trade manager with individual Crypto Savings Plans and different order types as well as that BISON atmosphere.

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Get started immediately and easily:

Buy crypto in no time! Using the BISON app or web application, you can create an account in minutes and get direct access to all BISON features. After a simple online verification, there is nothing standing in the way of a purchase. A demo mode is available to the user so that features and strategies can be tested without risk.

Many useful features:

BISON offers several functions that support the user when trading cryptos: trading rules such as limit orders and stop orders, but also the price alert and the savings plan function are extremely helpful for anyone who cannot keep an eye on the market all the time. With the info report, BISON offers help when it comes to the annual tax return.

No hidden costs or fees:

At BISON, you only pay for what is on display. Here you can trade 17 of the most popular cryptocurrencies with no additional transaction, deposit or custody fees. The spread per buying or selling is 0.75% for all coins and may vary depending on market conditions and transaction volume.

No compromises, only real coins:

The crypto market is now so complex that there are countless variations of coins that are hard to distinguish from the original. BISON expressly dissociates itself from such offers. Here, users do not trade highly speculative derivatives, only the real coins.

Boerse Stuttgart stands for security and transparency:

With the Boerse Stuttgart Group, BISON is a reliable partner offering investors uncomplicated access to cryptocurrencies – both in trading and in custody. The trading partner for BISON users is EUWAX AG, a financial institution regulated in Germany, which belongs to the Boerse Stuttgart Group. The fiduciary custody of cryptocurrencies purchased or deposited with BISON is handled by blocknox GmbH in Germany, which is also a subsidiary of the Boerse Stuttgart Group. The banking partner Solaris is also regulated as a bank in Germany.

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