No money from Swizzpro ( React to Crypto Scams Immediately!

I receive information about the merchant service provider Swizzpro ( from several sources. There are problems with the distribution of deposited funds. The payment is not made despite repeated requests.

If you have deposited money with Swizzpro (, you should be careful.

No new transfer should be made. Additional payments should only be considered when you know for sure that Swizzpro ( is trustworthy and reputable.

Advertisements with celebrities

Inexperienced small investors are lured into the trap by using fake newspaper articles. Manuel Neuer makes promising investments or Robert Habeck makes “the big banks” shake, according to the scammers’ promises. Even inexperienced people can make money this way.

The headlines can be found as paid advertising on many well-known websites. Of course, everyone wants to win a lot of money like the stars in a short time, so the click to promising websites comes for the fraud gangs.

The current media attention on Bitcoin and other cryptos is used by criminals to target users. Appealing alleged quotes and images are then found on the sites to gain the trust of inexperienced users.

Websites from recognized media such as Spiegel, ZEIT or tagesschau are also imitated. Only a different website name should make you suspicious.

Interested parties are asked to act quickly, as registration to the respective trading platform is only possible for a short time. The registration is so often the beginning of the accident.

Broker contact via WhatsApp

In addition to telephone contacts, many contacts on the dubious online trading platforms keep in touch with their customers via WhatsApp. Unfortunately, you have to assume that the provided Whatsapp names are not real. The same applies to images or other information.

The contacts at the broker also work with ID cards and send copies of ID cards to customers by e-mail. Here, too, it must be assumed that the personal documents have been stolen. The perpetrators work again and again with stolen identities.

Data on home addresses or telephone numbers are obviously not correct either. Therefore, it is often difficult to find the perpetrators simply by using the phone numbers. Finding the perpetrators requires other investigative approaches.

Can I trust the numbers in my Swizzpro ( account?

If the broker is a scam, you have to assume that the numbers and required funds stated in the trading account do not exist in reality. Fraudulent brokers do not create real value.

This is difficult for many sufferers to understand as the related trading accounts show “movements” and activity. It is also understandable that all concerned are reluctant to admit fraud and their own mistakes.

In individual cases, it must be checked whether funds have really been invested in commodities, cryptocurrencies or other financial products and whether there is a real equivalent in the account.

In the typical cases of fraud, this is not the case. The perpetrators quickly try to secure the collected funds and transfer them to untraceable accounts. Due to the anonymity, payments in Bitcoin or similar Kr are particularly suitable for this.

What should a specialized lawyer be able to do against Swizzpro (

Not every lawyer can handle all areas of law with the same quality. Specializations are also important for lawyers.

It is advisable to contact a lawyer who has years of experience dealing with fraudulent brokers. Publications on websites can show how much experience a lawyer has. The lawyer may already know your broker Swizzpro (

Many victims of investment fraud receive legal advice from me. I support victims from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

What is the value of payout confirmations?

In order to persuade customers to make additional payments or to reassure customers, questionable financial service providers also work with various forms of “payment confirmations”. These documents vary in quality.

I am aware of cases where well-made copies of bank statements are submitted. In some cases, customers also receive official-looking fakes from authorities or banks that need to confirm a payment.

However, the money does not reach the customers despite the payment confirmations. You can assume that after a period of three to four business days there has been fraud if no real payment is received after such a payment confirmation.

Lawyer against Swizzpro ( will get your money back

You now have important information about Swizzpro ( Now you have to decide whether you want to respond to the demands of the broker Swizzpro ( for additional payments, or whether you would rather spend all your energy on recovering the deposited funds.

I am happy to support you and help you get your money back. Take advantage of my experience and contact me at You get instant feedback.

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