The 770% Rally Is Coming! Buy now?

Polygon (MATIC) is currently one of the best in the crypto markets: MATIC has risen about 6% in the last 24 hours, forecasts expect strong gains in the short and long term. Could it be worth buying Polygon now?

How high can the polygon go?

Many coins are currently falling or stagnant – Polygon (MATIC) on the other hand is going full throttle: in light of the market-wide bear trend, the layer 2 scaling solution is the only coin with a notable daily performance alongside the decentralized exchange GMX (GMX) . Bulls pushed MATIC as high as $0.9386 – a new local high for Polygon.

MATIC pumps: the daily chart. Image:

MATIC was able to convert more than half a billion dollars since yesterday, trading volume is also +93% well above the previous day’s value. Polygon is still far from its old size: the previous high is $2.92, the current price is more than 68% below it.

Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency is well positioned for further gains. For example, industry watchdog Chaser0x comments:

“Polygon is truly one of those underdogs that has risen to the top of the market through sheer technological advancement.”

In other words, Polygon has strong fundamentals that put the coin in an advantageous position. But why is MATIC pumping now? One reason could be the bullish growth that Polygon is seeing in the NFT space.

Because: Polygon collaborates with big and well-known brands in this regard – Starbucks, Meta (Instagram) and the online forum Reddit use Polygon for NFT functions. The analysts at Messari comment, for example, that it has caused NFT sales to explode.

NFT sales on Polygon have increased by almost 200% – no other blockchain can match that. Messari:

“How have NFTs fared during the downturn?

0xPolygon has seen NFT sales increase by 191% since the end of September as Web2 companies look to fully integrate NFTs into their platforms.

Starbucks, Reddit and Meta have integrated 0xPolygon.”

Data provider “Coin98 Analytics” provides another bullish fact about Polygon: according to it, Polygon has the most addresses – an indication of high usage. Only Ethereum (ETH) and BNB Chain have more users:

The question remains: How expensive can Polygon get? What development do the forecasts foresee?

Polygon forecast 2022 to 2027

Polygon (MATIC) is currently trading at $0.9151. How high could MATIC go?

  • is surprisingly bearish on MATIC, calling the coin a “bad” investment. MATIC will drop to $0.0539 within the next 12 months – in short: hands off!
  • The forecast from is significantly more bullish. According to the current Polygon forecast, MATIC will only move to $0.94 in 2022. After that, however, the coin will turbo up and rise to $7.67 (+742%) in 2027.
  • expects the biggest gains at MATIC: Here, Polygon will reach a price of $3.13 in December 2023, thus increasing by +242%. The long-term forecast for Polygon is even more optimistic: according to MATIC, MATIC will pump to $7.83 in 2027 – an increase of 760%.

7.5 million USD collected: Dash 2 trading reaches new milestone

The pre-sale of Dash 2 Trade, a new trading platform, is also causing a sensation: within a few weeks, D2T was able to raise $7.5 million in capital from investors – now the project is preparing for the final pre-sale phase. This is accompanied by a price increase per token – so if you decide to buy in advance, you will get better access conditions.

Background Dash 2 Trade: The crypto project develops a trading platform that wants to help both beginners and professionals move profitably in the crypto markets. The all-in-one solution promises top new coin information, scam alerts, risk management strategies and more!

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