Bitcoin Price Forecast: Texas Wants to Become US Crypto Hub – Bullish! | 28/11/22


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With bitcoin down about 2.2% today to trade at $16,200, it’s an opportunity to look at a place that could drive crypto adoption going forward. Because Texas in the US is already considered extremely business friendly. Now, according to the media, the governor of Texas also wants to promote crypto adoption and create comfortable conditions for the bitcoin industry in the state in the southern United States. What would actually be bullish for the Bitcoin price is currently moving almost no investors. The events surrounding the crypto exchange FTX are still too stressful. But in the future, it may well be enough to stimulate buying if Texas Governor Greg Abbott follows up his announcements with action. Bitcoin course forecast:

Bitcoin Gives Up: Price Tends Toward $16,000: Consolidation Continues, China Risk Creates Selling Pressure

Bitcoin course

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has traded with a volume of around $20 billion. Bitcoin price failed to clear $16,600. Subsequently, concerns about massive riots in China against the zero-Covid policy weighed heavily on ? another geopolitical uncertainty factor for the financial markets. Bitcoin is now heading towards $16,000. The daily low has already been marked below $16,100, after which there was a slight recovery. On a weekly basis, Bitcoin is currently trading flat. Consolidation continues. The bullish news failed to attract buyers, at least in the short term.

FTX crash continues to be the sword of Damocles for cryptos

The insolvency of the FTX exchange continues to hover like a sword of Damocles over the digital currency market. The FTX exchange is currently the subject of investigations by various regulatory authorities. Much more may emerge here over the next few weeks, which is better hidden from the crypto world. Some other companies have been affected, trust in cryptos has been damaged. FUD determines the discussions in the social networks. The Bitcoin price is also likely to have trouble making a sustainable recovery because fear and worry currently reign.

Medium Term Course Leader: Texas Wants to Become a Crypto Hub? bullish!

In the medium term, however, Bitcoin price performance is likely to be driven by increasing adoption. Texas Governor Greg Abbott sees the potential of Bitcoin and wants to place himself at the center of the crypto world. In the future, Texas will support Bitcoin and offer a platform for companies active in the blockchain or Bitcoin industry. Here, the aim is not to over-regulate, but rather to create light regulation for more adoption. Because in economically liberal Texas, the state likes to take a step back.

Texas Governor: ?Bitcoin is at the forefront of innovation in the world right now?

Bitcoin Alternatives: More Diversification With These Three Presales!

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