New hybrid exchange Ankex offers powerful crypto trading from secure self-storage

  • The new crypto derivatives exchange combines the performance benefits of a CEX with the user security and control offered by a non-custodial DEX.
  • Ankex responds to new investors’ demands for full transparency, including real-time verification of proof of funds.
  • Ankex WAITLIST opens today, full launch expected next year. Sign up for first access and news.

Ankex announces the launch of a new hybrid crypto derivatives exchange that combines sophisticated trading and transparency with secure self-storage in decentralized wallets.

The opening comes at a time when recent events have shaken investor confidence and raised awareness of the significant security and performance trade-offs investors make when trading on centralized or decentralized crypto exchanges.

While centralized exchanges typically offer higher liquidity, lower latency and tighter spreads, investors there are forced to entrust their funds to an exchange-controlled wallet that is vulnerable to hacking and abuse.

Ankex’s hybrid model solves this dilemma and enables high-performance trading based on secure self-sufficiency, one of the main advantages of decentralized exchanges.

When trading on Ankex, users’ assets remain in secure wallets (“vaults”) protected by Qredo’s decentralized MPC (dMPC) located on their Layer 2 blockchain. With no assets blocked on the exchange in this way, users can maximize their capital efficiency by being able to use funds from their Vault at any time for other trading or Web3 opportunities that arise.

Additional benefits for Ankex users include real-time verification of exchange participants’ reserve positions and a comprehensive liquidation report.

Ankex was built by a team of experienced professionals from other crypto exchanges. The project received early support from Qredo’s investment company, Qredo Ventures. The exchange is expected to be launched next year, with the waiting list opening today, so those interested can register for first access and more news.

“In light of the events of the past few weeks, there is a new need for sophisticated trading options without having to rely on a third party or relinquish control of your wealth,” said Alex Petryk of the Ankex marketing team. “Ankex’s new hybrid approach solves these problems and offers investors the best of both worlds, centralized and decentralized. We are pleased that Qredo’s dMPC and Layer 2 architecture play such a critical role in this ground-breaking new platform.”

About Ankex

Ankex’s team of experienced technologists is ready to change the way you trade crypto derivatives. Designed for investors of all sizes, Ankex is a new type of hybrid exchange that combines the benefits of a centralized trading venue with the security, control and transparency that decentralized exchanges offer without a centralized repository. Watch this area.

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About Qredo

Qredo is a decentralized digital asset management infrastructure and suite of products designed to bring new opportunities to institutional investors when it comes to digital assets and decentralized finance. Layer 2 blockchain protocol allows users to seamlessly transfer and settle BTC, ETH, BNB chain, Solana, Polkadot and ERC-20 tokens. Assets are secured by Qredo’s advanced Gen 2.0 multi-party computation (MPC), providing Tier 1 banking security and institutional governance.

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