Pretty guarded

Pretty guarded

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To raise awareness of his almost forgotten brand, Stellantis released a study that looks like a broken roof box lid. Or maybe there just wasn’t enough money for a full concept car.

The new Lancia design: art or roof box spare part?

(Image: Stellantis)

Lancia suffered for years under parent company Fiat’s austerity, miscalculated with new models like Lybra or Thesis, which no one really wanted. Currently, there is only the Ypsilon small car, which is only sold in Italy. There, however, it is a top seller in the B segment. From January to August, the small car achieved a market share of 3.8 percent in the national passenger car market with just over 27,000 units. However, Ypsilon is not assembled in Italy, but in the Polish factory in Tychy.

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Now Lancia will become Stellantis’ premium brand and, together with sister companies Alfa Romeo and DS, form the spearhead in the hunt for wealthy customers. Three new models in 2028, all electric and with evocative names: In addition to Ypsilon, Delta, which was once also successful on rally hills, will be resurrected. However, this information is not new, and as for the revival of the brand in the rest of Europe, those responsible currently have nothing to add to the last information, which is already a year old.

The new top model also has no name yet, but could perhaps be called Aurelia again. In one of the many halls of the Italian castle, where a design unveiling takes place for traveling motoring journalists, it is covered by a large tarpaulin until Lancia boss Luca Napolitano lends a hand and announces “the design for the next 100 years “. But there is by no means a car, but rather a streamlined light blue structure that causes confusion without wheels.

Hatchback SUV?

An example of a dynamic model, sports car or hatchback SUV? Chief designer Jean-Pierre Ploué leaves it open and refers to the front part of this sculpture, whose cup-shaped radiator grille is meant to recall historical models and bears the Lancia logo. Including three LED beams in the form of a windmill, which, according to Ploué, symbolizes the transition to the electric age. The domed roof with a glazed central opening is meant to pay homage to the brand’s classics such as the Aurelia.

Circular taillights at the rear of the design studio also center the modernized letters, are intended to evoke the flat Stratos sports car and will appear in a similar form on the new Ypsilon, which is scheduled to launch in Germany in the second quarter of 2024.

A lot of imagination in the game

The chief designer, who hails from France, calls the new design “Pu-Ra Zero”. “Pu” stands for “pure” and “Ra” for “radical”. According to this motto, Lancia must stand out from the internal and external competition. How this will later be put into practice is left to the imagination, despite the impressive design concept, as only a few elements of the Lancia’s future appearance are hinted at.

CEO Luca Napolitano isn’t revealing anything specific about the interior either. The only thing that is certain is that the automaker is collaborating with Cassina, the Italian manufacturer of designer furniture well known in professional circles. For example, in the small Ypsilon, well over half of the interior surfaces that can be touched should be made of ecological materials.

Regarding the planned sales concept, Luca Napolitano simply repeated what former FCA Germany boss Maria Grazia Davino said more than a year ago at the IFA congress in Nürtingen: The majority of the upcoming models will be sold purely digitally – only 100 showrooms must be sold. sold throughout Europe be contact points for those interested.


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