Bullish outlook! Is Elon Musk really working with Vitalik Buterin on DOGE 2.0?

Dogecoin has exploded by almost 40% in the last week and the meme coin has also pumped since yesterday. No wonder – after all, the rumor mill is bubbling: is Elon Musk really working with Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin to further develop Dogecoin? Will Dogecoin Soon Be Twitter’s Official Currency? Is Doge 2.0 coming? Should you buy Dogecoin now?

Does it make sense to invest in Dogecoins?

That’s the big question investors have been asking for a while. Is the meme coin worth an investment – ​​or will it meet the same fate as many other joke currencies? The fact is: Dogecoin can count on a prominent supporter – Tesla CEO Elon Musk. And according to his own statement, he has plans for DOGE.

DOGE in the daily chart. Image: Coinmarketcap.com

Dogecoin should become the world currency, Musk believes – and now speculation is growing that the billionaire is putting his words into action. Industry observer David Gokhshtein writes, for example: He expects Musk and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin to join forces to implement a kind of DOGE 2.0. Gokhstein:

“I believe we all want to see Vitalik and Elon work together to somehow improve $DOGE.”

In fact, the assumption does not seem too far-fetched because: Vitalik Buterin is an integral part of the “Dogecoin Foundation” – that is, the institution dedicated to the distribution and further development of Dogecoin. Gokhshtein adds:

“Vitalik knows the Dogecoin protocol well and it would be easy for him to give the foundation the resources to improve the blockchain.”

In addition:

“Buterin has also made several donations to the foundation and to Elon Musk, who is in love with the Dogecoin protocol.”

Musk also emphasizes himself: He would like to have a payment system on Twitter. At the same time, the native South African suggests that this “maybe” could be Dogecoin.

Dogecoin as a native cryptocurrency for Twitter – of course that drives up the price. Previously, the course has already exploded due to less bullish rumors – so it is not surprising that DOGE is also moving through the prospects of an upcoming top use case. Dogecoin enthusiast Investments_CEO writes to his more than 407,000 Twitter followers:

“Dogecoin may soon become Twitter’s official currency.”

Is the $1 DOGE price coming sooner than expected? What development do the forecasts foresee?

Dogecoin Price Forecast 2022 to 2027

  • Walletinvestor.com is bearish on Dogecoin and warns of a correction that takes DOGE to $0.0085 despite the bullish rumours.
  • Gov.capital, on the other hand, expects profits, but more in the long term: DOGE will rise to $0.883 and thus almost to the magic $1 mark in 2027 (+783%).
  • The current Dogecoin forecast from Priceprediction.net promises a similar development. Therefore, DOGE doesn’t really move in 2022 and 2023, but then pumps up to $0.75 in 2027. At the current rate, that equates to a 650% return.

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