Will This New Metaverse Coin Be The Biggest Presale Of 2022?

Metaverse has long been known to users within the crypto scene. Some of these virtual worlds have already achieved great success. Well, soon to be one new project published, which also wants to bring a digital world to the market. Of Presale of RobotEra tokens started a few days ago. In this article we explain to you, which topic brings the platform will and how you can come early.

This is RobotEra

RobotEra developers are currently working on a new blockchain-based metaverse. In the digital world, users are driven by one Robot avatar for player. This character will accompany you throughout your game. You can customize or improve it as you wish through NFTs.

With him you can go through the metaverse, explore the neighborhood, discover games or farm your own land. In their white paper, the developers describe that Focus on the play to serve the mechanism lie. This should be used in several functions. It is described that the many use cases will make it possible for users to secure a fixed income. In their white paper, the developers explain that RobotEra should even make it possible to earn a living for his own family.

On the one hand, Metaverse users can do this through games. Any user in the world can acquire their own land. Here you can NFT based games cabinet, which will be available to all other users. For winnings, both the player and Operator TARO Token.

In addition to the gaming options, users can also look forward to Focus on building digital real estate. Similar to the sandbox metaverse, players can build a house on their plot, which they then rent out. You can build a hotel and the same thing receive more guests or one build advertising space and this to rent.

Founder of RobotEra Jason Chan, Slimane Lee
RobotEra headquarters Singapore
Publication date Ongoing advance sale
tokens ERC 20
shortcut TARO

Contacts, games, marketplace – Robotera offers numerous options

The developers’ focus is on Play to Earn, but that metaverse should more many options offer to have fun there. The robots can visit the museum, roam around an amusement park or listen to a concert. Players who want more action can use player vs. Test player mode.

Those who do not concentrate on their own land can stroll through the neighborhood and make new contacts there. The developers state that there must be unlimited possibilities to shape the metaverse, generate an additional income or provide entertainment.

For the ecosystem to work outside of the planned metaverse, it needs a currency. The TARO token will be the currency in the digital world that users can use to pay. In addition to the options already mentioned, you can Buy avatar accessories, in-game products and Buy accessories for their property. All available items are based on the NFT mechanism. No two robots are the same.

Now for the RobotEra Presale

The RobotEra presale begins – this is how you get into the Metaverse project

Of pre-sale of the project is in divided into three phases. It goes through regular price increases. In the first phase, tokens will be available at a price of $0.020. After that, the selling price increases to $0.025. In the final phase, the coins would then cost 0.032 USD.

If you only look at the pre-sale prices, an entry in first fase soon cheapest. However, it is not possible to predict how much the value will change after the start of trading. In principle, it is possible that the value will decrease after publication.

Overall replace Presale 240,000,000 tokens for disposal. With a successful advance sale, the project could earn $6,930,000. As of this writing, coins have been minted Value of $201,850 raised.

The project is Metaverse attributed a lot of potential. Metaverse is considered a technology of the future. Nevertheless, an investment in a cryptocurrency is always associated with a high risk. With a token still in presale, traders lack price data against which to measure future success.

that Buyers of RobotEra So have to focus fully on Testimonials and the work of the developers back. If you are considering buying TARO-Coin, the following overview can help you with your decision.


  • An innovative project
  • Great potential through Metaverse
  • Many possible uses
  • The Play to Earn option
  • High return possible


  • Risky
  • Total loss possible
  • No historical price data
  • Success depends on the developers

Now for the RobotEra Presale

Buying TARO Tokens: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: The crypto wallet

For buying and trading cryptocurrencies is a Crypto wallet required. Here you can find yours collect purchased coins, manage and support. If you don’t already have such a digital wallet, set it up in your browser.

Common wallets are Metamask or Trust Wallet. They are set up on the browser or smartphone within minutes.

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Visit the RobotEra website now. Here you first get an overview of what phase the advance sale is in and the current rent.

connect now yours Wallet with the website. To do this, use the “Connect Wallet” button on the page. To confirm the connection, you must also allow access in your wallet. Once this process is complete, you can start purchasing.

Step 3: Buy TARO Tokens

In the trade window on the website you can choose which payment method you will use. You can Use ETH or USDT. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your wallet. If you do not own USDT or ETH tokens, you must first purchase them from a crypto exchange.

Then indicate which coins you would like to use for payment and how many TARO tokens you would like to buy. Check your information and confirm the purchase by clicking the “Buy Now” button. Now you will be prompted for it Confirm payment in your wallet. Your purchase is now complete.

Her TARO token will not immediately in your Wallet appears. First, the project must complete the pre-sale successfully. Typically, a few hours after the presale, the developers release instructions on how buyers can claim your coins.

Now for the RobotEra Presale

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