This NFT gaming platform introduces coinage and grant programs

Combining traditional and NFT games for beginners and professionals, M3’s platform offers two interactive versions: a freemium version and an NFT version. The freemium version uses blockchain technology and offers an HTML 5 NFT game mechanism. This means that users do not need to download an app from the Apple Store or Play Store. On November 4, M3 launched the re-release of its maps and is now introducing players to its scholarship program to allow more of them to play in the tournaments.

M3 tournaments in real time

As a reminder of our previous article, four tournaments will be held in real time on the platform. Players can enjoy the game world 24 hours a day. To participate in a tournament, you need an NFT and at least 5 M3 tokens. But according to the M3 team, the price of the entry ticket can be collected in a single match.

Depending on the rank the player achieves, he can get different rewards.

Scholarship for players

The M3 team states that a “goal is to democratize the gaming industry to enable beginners to become professional players”.

The exchange program allows players who need NFTs for tournaments to use other players’ NFTs without paying. Only the profit is shared.

NFT owners can use these tokens in tournaments and lend them to other players when they are not connected to the platform. This way they get M3 tokens while the lending player can participate in a tournament without having to buy an NFT.

Common to Unique – Different levels of rarity

There are 7 levels of rarity, ranging from “Common” to “Unique”:

In the freemium version, players can only have a maximum of 5 cards.

The common, uncommon, and rare cards offer cumulative Founder bonuses. By using the Epic, Legendary, Mythic and Unique cards, the player can unlock one of the 15 abilities available on the platform.

These 4 card types have different functions:

  • an epic card unlocks an ability;

  • a legendary or mythic card unlocks 2 abilities;

  • a single use card unlocks 3 different abilities at the same time.

M3 focuses on common, uncommon and rare cards. “No more frustration when you open a surprise box and get an NFT with a lower rarity,” reassures the team behind the project.

Players must not exceed a certain E level. The limit in the beta version is 35.

While player decks are individual, each rarity point and ability results in a 1 E level reduction. The team behind M3 explains:

“This will make the game more even, and most importantly it will prevent players with moderate ability decks from being disadvantaged against higher ability decks. All players need to balance all rarities if they want to compete in tournaments, so this is here, that players average 7 times as many common, uncommon and rare cards than others.”

Cashing in on the M3 platform opened on November 4. All maps will also be available for beta tournaments before the end of the year. In addition, you will be able to play with them throughout the ecosystem.

Common, uncommon and rare rarity cards grant perks to their owners in the free-to-play version. You get 4 different bonuses with random stats as 1 extra card from every PVE and PVP chest you open in the game.

To learn more about M3 and the gaming ecosystem, follow the project on social media: Instagram, Discord, Twitter and Facebook.

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