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The crypto market has suffered heavy losses over the past few months. The insolvency of the crypto exchange FTX, which was filed on November 22, 2022, worsened the situation on the market again. Of The DAX developed completely during the same period opposite and could in particular strong progress in recent weeks obtain. In addition to the DAX, just as many ETFs have been able to achieve above-average returns in recent weeks, reflecting a broad range of DAX values. Be curious to see which DAX ETFs have eclipsed cryptocurrencies. For comparison Bitcoin performance entered into last month Down 23 percent.


The ETF physically replicates the SDAX (R) TR index and was able to do this within the last month 15.42 percent return obtain. In ETF is in total 50 small companies included from the classic sectors in Germany. The classic sectors include chemical, transport, industrial, technology, healthcare and financial services sectors.

The most weighted company is VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG with 3.45 per centfollowed by Nordex SE with 3.11 per cent. In terms of the weighting of the sectors, industry is most strongly represented with 26.08 percent, the technology sector is in second place with 17.21 percent.

The ETF was launched in Luxembourg in 2011 and prices a Total expense ratio of 0.70 percent. As soon as the included companies distribute dividends, these are not used for reinvestment, but instead poured out directly. The forecast regarding Distribution for 2022 is currently included 1.63 percent based on the current exchange rate, this corresponds to an amount of 1.71 euros. The fund’s size is EUR 132.56 million, which is almost 40 percent below the 52-week high and therefore has great potential for the future.

2. Lyxor Core DAX (DR) UCITS ETF

With 13.32 percent performance over the past month The ETF ranks second among the best DAX ETFs. is included Physical values ​​of the 30 largest and most liquid companies on the German stock market. The 30 companies included currently represent around 80 percent of the market value of German companies. that Linde plc is with 10.29 per cent most strongly included in the ETF, followed by SAP SE with 9.04 per cent. At 19.20 percent, the sector focus is clearly on industry, the second largest sector included is the extraction of basic materials at 17.11 percent.

With a TER of 0.08 percent The ETF is very cheap compared to the other DAX ETFs presented here. In addition, the generated income will also be distributed, the forecast for 2022 is currently attached 2.63 percent on the current course that man yield of 3.10 euros. The first edition took place in Luxembourg in 2008, meanwhile the ETF has grown to a total size of 987.17 million euros. The current gap to the 52-week high has now shrunk to just 16 percent.

3. Lyxor 1 TecDAX UCITS ETF

Lyxor 1 TecDAX UCITS ETF has risen within the last month 13.26 percent also provided a top performance. The ETF gives you access to 30 largest technology companies included in TecDAX. The value development of TecDAX is also shown here physical way. Most of the shares in the fund are in the company Infineon Technologies AG with 12.20 per cent attributed to SAP SE finds with 11.89 per cent again.

As with the two ETFs previously presented, this fund also has one Distribution of income instead of. The forecast for 2022 is currently 0.24 euros, which is a Dividend of 1.02 per cent seen on the current course. that total cost percentage has been with Germany since the 2016 edition 0.40 percent, with a total amount of now 92.02 million euros. The current gap to the 52-week high is about 28 percent.

4. Lyxor 1 DAX 50 ESG UCITS ETF

The performance over the past month is also for the fourth selected DAX ETF above the average 12.97 per cent. As the name already indicates, the focus of the selection is on the company’s values sustainability. The ETF contains shares of 50 companies in a physical way from the DAX, MDAX and TecTax indices, its Business activity not in the following sectors (not sustainable) lies: gambling, tobacco, nuclear energy, thermal coal, guns and weapons.

The largest value contained is included 7.93 percent Siemens AGclosely followed 7.88 percent from SAP SE. Broken down by industry, the financial industry comprises the most with 19.20 percent, as well as the basic materials industry with 16.98 percent.

With a TER of 0.15 percent the fund tends to be one of the cheaper ones and all income generated is distributed directly. Forecast-Dividend for 2022 amounts to 0.93 euros, as a current distribution dividend of 2.77 percent corresponds to. The fund has been domiciled in Germany since it was launched in spring 2020. Meanwhile, the ETF’s size has grown to EUR 238.02 million, a difference of 19 percent from its 52-week high.

5. Deka DAX ex Financials 30 UCITS ETF

The last ETF I want to present to you focuses on Companies whose industry is not within the finance, insurance and finance sector lies. A total of 30 companies are included, which are classified according to the specified criteria Market value and stock market turnover for the 30 largest German companies. that overall performance this business fraud within last month 12.79 per cent. The underlying index is the so-called DAX ex Financials 30, which is physically replicated.

The largest weighted company is included 11.56 percent goes to Siemens AGsecond place goes to SAP SE with 11.27 per cent. Because a large portion of companies are excluded from the ETF, the consumer discretionary industry is included the most at 19.70 percent. The second largest weighted sector is industry with 19.61 percent.

Like all other DAX ETFs presented, the ETF pays a regular dividend. According to the forecast for 2022 Distribution yield of 2.69 percent or 0.66 euros. The common one TER is moderate 0.30 percent, since the mid-2013 edition in Germany. Over the years, the fund has grown to 27.80 million euros. The current distance to the high of the last 52 weeks is about 24 percent.

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