Calvaria ICO Raises $2M – Buy play-to-earn cryptocurrency now as only 24% of tokens remain

The crypto-based epic fantasy battle card game Calvaria is ending its pre-sale early. Therefore, investors need to hurry so as not to miss it

Calvaria has raised nearly $2 million and is currently in its 4th phase of its fundraising, with its RIA token currently priced at $0.025.

Previously, the price of the token would have increased to $0.030 in phase 5 of the original 10 phases.

However, the team has decided to change the price of the 5th stage to $0.0325, giving the project’s earliest investors a nominal profit of 225%.

At the start of Stage 5, which begins with the $2.1 million milestone, only 20% of tokens will remain.

Buy RIA today and secure 30% profit

Calvaria Duels of Eternity - RIA eRIA Coin Cryptocurrency and NFTs Battle Card Game Strategy Game GameFi P2E-Game Kryptogame (3)(1)

But it’s not too late to join and pre-sell now at $0.025 to secure a 30% profit when the pre-sale ends at $0.0325.

When the pre-sale reaches the end of 5. phase, the project will have already raised $3,075,000.

The team is currently evaluating an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) with its current exchange partners. By doing so, investors will likely see another price increase when trading begins.

There will now be 150 million tokens previously allocated for pre-sale, which will now be redistributed within the project’s tokenomics.

The community will be continuously informed of the decisions regarding the changed token allocation, as stated in a blog post from the project.

KuCoin and are the 3rd and 4th largest CEX exchange partners

Calvaria Duels of Eternity - RIA eRIA Coin Cryptocurrency and NFTs Battle Card Game Strategy Game GameFi P2E-Game Kryptogame (1)

Calvaria has already signed agreements with leading crypto exchanges KuCoin and There is also one with the social trading platform

According to data website CoinGecko, KuCoin is the third largest crypto spot exchange with in fourth place.

With these top trading venues on board as early partners, investors can expect a significant price increase when public trading begins.

Calvaria has gained significant media attention with coverage on Yahoo and Benzinga, as well as specialist crypto sites such as Cryptonews and leading business owner-focused technology and trading site Business2Community.

Calvaria plays P2E differently

Calvaria integrates a play-to-earn mechanic into its battle card game Duels of Eternity.

However, it is not a regular P2E offer. For example, Calvaria offers free access for those who want to try the game or are otherwise uninterested in the play-to-earn version.

To stay ahead of the competition from similar games like Splinterlands and Gods Unchained, Calvaria also offers 3D characters as part of its commitment to AAA game design standards.

Another feature that sets Calvaria apart from the competition is the fact that players do not need to connect a crypto wallet to start playing.

This is a smart move as it will increase the game’s appeal to crypto newbies.

Launch on mobile with intelligent Layer 2 transaction implementation

Calvaria eRIA RIA GameFi Play-to-Earn P2E Tradingcard Games Strategy Games Card Games (6)

Duels of Eternity’s appeal to casual players is enhanced by the fact that the game will be released on mobile devices, making the NFT card game more accessible.

Other features that appeal to both investors and players include DAO governance, a marketplace for in-game assets, and a scholarship program.

Calvaria is a multichain project, but has chosen to have its internal transactions handled via Polygon’s Layer 2 protocol.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon makes transactions faster and cheaper, which is ideal for a smooth gaming experience. Calvaria is also supported by Polygon Studios.

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