Black Friday 2022: televisions and smart TVs are heavily reduced today

  • Black Friday has started: These are the most attractive offers in the TV segment
  • Television and Smart TV: These devices are among the best on amazon
  • Modern television is characterized by technological innovations and smart functions
  • Resolution, size and smart technology: you must pay attention to this when buying a new TV

About 70 years ago, the television became socially acceptable as a window to the world for the individual, and more and more devices found their place in German living rooms. Even today, the television is one of the central pieces of furniture. Of course, modern devices have very little in common with the screens of the past. Today, manufacturers regularly outdo each other with smart innovations and better features to impress viewers best possible entertainment experience to be able to deliver. We have one so you can sit comfortably on the sofa before buying the TV Selection of the best televisions and smart TVs on Amazon compiled. Today’s Black Friday on Amazon again delivers attractive offers in this segment.

#1: Sony KD-55X80J Bravia: Simple design and impressive contrasts.

The 55-inch (approx. 140 centimeter) Smart TV from Sony is equipped with 4K technology. Together with features such as the 4K HDR processor X1, X-Reality Pro or Tiluminos Pro technology, all points are possible realistic images and impressive contrasts placed. The simple design puts the essentials in the foreground. Sony also wants to make a statement when it comes to environmental protection, claiming an 89% recycling rate. The suggested retail price is €699.00, for Black Friday is the device for € 579.00 having.

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#2 Samsung QLED 4K Q95T: For those who think big.

Samsung is an indispensable part of the technology market – also when it comes to televisions. With QLED 4K, Samsung delivers a 75-inch (approx. 191 cm) smart TV in 4K resolution, which guarantees deep contrasts thanks to the Quantum HDR 2000 processor. Another one The unique selling point is the anti-reflective coating, where you have a clear view even in daylight. Instead of €1555.00 you have a saving of €256 and have to go to Black Friday only €1299.00 leaf through.

Samsung QLED 4K Q95T for sale at Amazon

#3 LG OLED65CS9LA: Home theater experience meets gaming

With an average star rating of 4.8 from over 1,500 reviews, the device appears to be completely convincing. Powerful processors, 4K technology at the highest level and therefore brilliant colors should be at the heart of it home theater lovers beat faster. Combined with Dolby Atmos and functions such as game optimization game savvy users the unit must capture all target groups at a high level. You can save as much as 37% with the Black Friday campaign. Instead of €1,514.92 is Smart TV only €949.00 to reserve.

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#4 Dyon Enter 32 Pro X2: Best value for money

Probably the undisputed leader when it comes to things Price-performance ratio stands the model of the brand Dyon. The HD-ready device is limited to the essentials and, with a screen size of 80 cm, is suitable for smaller rooms than the living room. Two HDMI ports and two USB ports ensure optimal connectivity and expansion options for smart functions. To €109.00 instead of €299.99 you get a small but fine television.

See Dyon Enter 32 Pro X2 on Amazon

#5 Philips 65OLED807 – four-sided Ambilight as a unique selling point

The highlight must be clear four-sided Ambilight function be it to raise the television experience to a unique level. In addition, Philips has equipped the model with Android TV to meet users’ smart needs. The electronics manufacturer continues to advertise with an integrated blue filter, which should make the television easier on the eyes. You can get the device 27% cheaper on Black Friday. Instead of €2999.00 is the TV now to €2199.00.

Philips 65OLED807 for sale at Amazon

Resolution, size, smart technology: tips for buying a television

The resolution: razor-sharp image

One of the decisive points is probably the decision. The number of pixels determines the type of resolution. Development is clearly moving towards higher pixel numbers. Full HD is now considered the minimum standard for purchase. However, the signs continue to point towards the future: rather, it displaces it UHD technology slowly but surely older technologies. Above all 4K resolution using 3,840 pixels horizontally and 2,160 pixels vertically.

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The size: How big can the TV be for my living room?

Thanks to technical progress, some rules of thumb such as B. “Screen diagonal x 2 = minimum seat distance” are no longer quite as relevant and applicable. Pixel count compression can be pushed closer to the device, especially with 4K resolution. As a new calculation one can use “1.5 x screen diagonal in cm = distance between seats in cm” do a little wrong. Larger televisions with a correspondingly high resolution are also an option for smaller rooms. However, balancing personal preferences is always a basic requirement.

Smart technology: What should the television be able to do?

Easy access to streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix should be as standard as connecting to a smartphone. technologies such as HDR, where higher contrast and finer color transitions ensure smooth color gradients, are worth noting when buying. Global players such as Apple, Amazon or Google have also recognized the market potential and are equipping more and more televisions with their technologies in order to further personalize the TV experience. Depending on your preferences, such criteria should be examined further when purchasing.

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