Atlantis The Royal introduces the visionary design and architecture of the iconic hotel

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Atlantis The Royal introduces the visionary design and architecture of the iconic hotel

In January 2023, the opening of Atlantis The Royal will take place. Dubai’s most luxurious resort was designed by a team of the world’s leading design and architecture visionaries; partners include the architectural offices of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (NYC), WET (California) and GA Group (London). With the main themes of water and fire, WET (California) has created a wide range of innovative fire and water fountains, the interplay of which is unique anywhere in the world.

Dubai/Frankfurt, 25 November 2022. Dubai’s newest landmark, Atlantis The Royal, promises to redefine the idea of ​​luxury. Designed by the world’s leading designers, architects and artists, everything at the resort is designed to push the boundaries of imagination.

With 43 floors and covering 406,000 square feet, Atlantis The Royal is an eye-catching project that seeks to redefine and challenge the boundaries of contemporary resort architecture. The architecturally unique structure, which vertically transforms the luxury of a bespoke resort into a 500 meter long and 178 meter high mega building, features an unprecedented sky garden concept. The resort is located on the outer crescent of Palm Island – a location that offers views from the building to the Arabian Gulf or to Palm Island’s protected lagoon and the Dubai skyline.

Atlantis The Royal was created by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) designed by one of the world’s leading architectural firms. Known for ground-breaking innovations, KPF is a creative design studio responsible for some of the world’s most iconic buildings and destinations. The architectural firm designed New York’s Hudson Yards, the largest privately owned development in American history, London’s Covent Garden neighborhood, one of the city’s most central and vibrant neighborhoods, and six of the world’s 12 tallest towers, including the Shanghai World Financial Center, the Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen , China, and Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea. KPF has designed world-renowned hotels such as Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong, Rosewood Hong Kong at Victoria Dockside and Rosewood Bangkok. The design of Atlantis The Royal reflects the classic form of neighboring Atlantis The Palm, while reinterpreting it in a futuristic way that recalls the sophisticated, modern architecture of Dubai’s skyline.

A reinterpretation of traditional sculptural towers, the resort appears as blocks stacked on top of each other. The six distinctive towers are connected by the 90 x 33 meter Sky Bridge, which together with the dramatically illuminated openings between each block form a distinctly recognizable pattern on the night skyline. KPF has designed a simple yet striking visual identity reminiscent of the monumental arches and arcades of Roman aqueducts, framing the sun and sky as part of the architecture.

The decor of the new iconic resort was designed by GA Group designed by one of the world’s leading luxury hotel and interior design firms, responsible for projects such as W Shanghai, Corinthia London, W Taipei, Palace Hotel Tokyo and the upcoming 1Hotel Mayfair. GA Group’s original design was inspired by the oldest inhabitants of the Arabian desert, the Bedouins. Known for their ingenuity and hospitality, they travel thousands of kilometers through the dunes, using water sources that are the lifeblood of the desert to navigate. The precious commodity of water is celebrated throughout the grounds with water features, sculptures and color palettes that guests will encounter as they explore the resort. Examples include the dramatic 11.5 meter high sculpture drops in the lobby showing the first drop of rain in the dry desert, and deluge-Water elevators that invite guests to literally walk through the water to reach the next part of the resort. Cloudburst-inspired light fixtures line each elevator bank, and hundreds of raindrop-shaped pendant lights adorn the lobby ceilings.

The architecture and water views were the inspiration for the design of WET, which is responsible for famous attractions such as the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas and the record-breaking HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport. The connection to the water is through a series of water features along the main axis of the resort, leading visitors from the entrance through the falls of fire to the climatic finale of Skyblaze to accompany. The fountains emphasize the power of water and its effect on visitors. On the one hand, they create quiet, contemplative moments, on the other hand, they impress with a spectacular spectacle. Such a diverse combination of water and fire is so far unique in the world. The water features include Fall of fire, two highly reflective glass walls over which water flows and which enclose programmable fire plumes. Other sensational highlights are delugetwo three-story cylindrical glass elevators immersed in water cascades, and Skyblazea 28 meter high fire and water fountain composed of countless forms of water, bursts of fire, light and performative music.

The landscape design company worked with the advanced innovations of the resort SKS Studio and 40 NORTH together. Together they created a garden that is vertically integrated into the tower. Sky Pool Villas and Sky Terraces are shaded from the upper floors and ventilated by the sea breeze. This creates passively cooled spaces where guests can enjoy the outdoors for up to ten months a year. These are inspired by Mozarabic courtyards, which were traditionally cooled by shade, plants and decorative fountains. The resort’s pools are encased in acrylic glass, inviting guests to swim up to 43 stories high while gazing out at the skyline and beyond. This gives the unique impression of being above and below the water at the same time.

James von Klemperer, president and head of design, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates: “We were asked to dream big for this project. We should create something unique and iconic for Dubai – and looking at it now, I am amazed at the audacity of the whole endeavour. I am blown away by what has been built with the vertically stacked pools, outdoor spaces and remarkable design around every corner. The Sky Gardens, which first existed as sketches on paper, are now a reality hundreds of meters above the ground.”

Tim Kelly, CEO of Atlantis Dubai: “This is it. The time has finally come to introduce Atlantis The Royal as the world’s most luxurious resort. It’s about experiencing what you could never have imagined and the architecture is a master of it: The six towers are connected by a 27-meter infinity pool that recreates the Dubai skyline and incorporates a new icon that creates the palm tree.The resort offers a series of breathtaking experiences that invite guests to swim among the clouds in skypools and be mesmerized by fire-breathing fountains. The unique building reflects the unique experiences guests will have inside.”

To be one of the first guests to stay at Atlantis The Royal, those interested can register here. Reservations are now open for stays from January 7, 2023.

About Atlantis The Royal

Dubai’s new landmark, Atlantis The Royal, sets new standards in the luxury hotel industry. Designed by the world’s leading designers, architects and artists, this destination aims to push the boundaries of imagination. Atlantis The Royal offers 795 elegant rooms, suites and distinctive penthouses to guests. All rooms have breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline and the Arabian Sea, and 44 rooms have private infinity pools. Guests swim in sky pools between the clouds, let themselves be fascinated by fire-breathing fountains or eat at one of the many star restaurants that are unique in the world.
Atlantis The Royal promises a journey of the impossible, with ornate masterpieces, iconic entertainment and beautiful craftsmanship at every turn, while setting new standards for the highest level of service.

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