Where is the Pokemon NFT game?

The Pokemon franchise has great potential in the NFT market. But if that’s the case, why haven’t we seen a famous NFT Pokemon game on the market yet? Does Nintendo have any plans for such a game in the future?

The latest installment of the hugely successful Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, has just been released and has many die-hard fans of the series wanting to buy it right away. So both Web2 and Web3 players are wondering if a Pokemon game is coming to Web3 as well?

Pokemon is an iconic video game and anime series featuring various unique creatures that players can collect, trade and use in battles against other players. The game is developed by GameFreak and published by Nintendo. The type of game that focuses on collecting items makes it the perfect game for an NFT online game. Combining Pokemon’s large user base and web3’s complementary features, an official Pokemon game could see GameFi quickly gain widespread acceptance.

So is there already a Pokemon NFT game? The answer is yes and no. Right now there is no official Pokemon game sponsored by Nintendo. The Japanese video game company has expressed interest in cryptocurrencies and NFT, noting that there may be future potential in this area. However, it has also said that it is currently struggling to “bring joy” in this area.

This means we could potentially see an official Pokemon NFT game at some point, but not anytime soon. That doesn’t mean it won’t also create a few copies of the concept or inspiration.

Pokemon inspired web3 games

There are currently several Pokemon inspired games trying to win over the huge audience of the established series. A few famous games like Kryptomon and Ax Infinity must be mentioned here.

Kryptomon provides live NFTs within the Binance Smart Chain blockchain where users can breed their creatures and participate in real-time lunar events. The project uses $KMON as the game currency. Besides training, breeding and fighting their NFT creatures, they can also use their coins to provide liquidity to the community, known as staking.

Cryptocurrency marketplace

Although not directly inspired by Pokemon, Axie Infinity brings the cute creatures and battles of the game to the blockchain. Similar to the original Pokemon series, players can battle, sell, and even trade their axes, but since it’s on the blockchain, users do so primarily to make money.

However, not every copy is a well-thought-out game where the developers have brought their personal touch to the genre. Since cryptocurrencies are a gray area when it comes to copyright, there are also copies of copyrighted Pokemon features and phrases. These developers take advantage of web3’s anonymity and often trick fans into thinking they are legitimate Pokémon partners.


It is important to remember that creators should be properly investigated before believing them. When considering whether Nintendo should aim for an NFT version of Pokemon, there are also a few factors to consider.

While the franchise seems perfectly suited to an NFT-like economy, moving to web3 could also come with major downsides. An important part of the franchise’s tagline is to “catch them all”, but with the introduction of NFTs, this may prove to be completely impossible and greatly upset many fans of the original series.

If Nintendo wants to expand Pokemon to web3, venturing into Pokemon card NFTs would be a safe bet. Not only could it be an additional revenue stream, but it could also serve as a testing ground to see how fans switch to GameFi.

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