University from Iserlohn receives award

The award was presented for the first time by the German Institute for Service Quality and the news channel NTV. To that end, a large consumer survey was conducted with around 26,000 people on various educational offers – from knowledge books for children to learning portals for mathematics – to private universities. Respondents were asked to rate value for money, offers and customer service. The result: In the category “Private universities (universal)”, they placed UE second in the area of ​​value for money and third in the area of ​​”Offers, customer service and recommendation” – out of eight places each.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences receives the German Education Award 2022 in the category “Private Universities (universal)”

The German Institute for Service Quality and the news channel ntv are presenting the German Education Award for the first time and also honoring the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE). The basis is a large consumer survey with around 26,000 customer opinions on different educational offers for different target groups.

The survey was conducted from June to August 2022 using a consumer survey designed to be representative of the population. Which training providers are among the best in Germany depends on price-performance ratio, offers and customer service. These areas were examined taking into account several aspects: from the quality and variety of the service offered, to the contact options and reactions to customer inquiries. In addition, consumers gave their verdict on recommending the company. The survey focused on companies from 38 categories covering different sectors – from children’s knowledge books to mathematics learning portals to private universities and vocational training institutes. “The offer proved to be a guarantee of high customer satisfaction. The willingness to recommend is also remarkably high: around 82 percent of respondents chose a positive answer option,” says Markus Hamer, CEO of the German Institute for Service Quality.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences took second place in the “Private universities (universal)” category in the areas of value for money and third place in terms of offer, customer service and recommendation, out of a total of eight private universities evaluated.

Sagi Hartov, CEO of GUS Germany GmbH, to which UE also belongs, is happy with this award: “We are very happy with this award because it shows that, in addition to our diverse range and a very good recommendation rate, we also value our price – benefit ratios are correct. Education is a valuable asset and all staff at our university work every day to ensure this is conveyed to our students at a high level.”

About the study:

In the survey, which was representative of the population, customer satisfaction with non-governmental education providers was examined via an online panel in the areas of price-performance ratio, range of offers and customer service. Several individual aspects such as cost, performance, quality and benefits of the services/portals/products were taken into account; Scope and range of offers, availability and reliability, contact options and responses to customer inquiries in the form of advisory skills and friendliness.

The overall result also included consumers’ willingness to recommend the product. Respondents could only rate one company per category that they had been in contact with or whose service or products they had used within the past twelve months. 25,894 votes were received. Ratings were received from 337 providers; 256 companies and institutions that received at least 80 consumer opinions were included in the evaluation. You can find more information here:

About the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences with locations in Berlin, Potsdam (“UE Innovation Hub”), Hamburg, Iserlohn and the virtual campus (“Campus in the Cloud”) is a state-recognized private university. In a combination of tech, data and design, she trains tomorrow’s digital pioneers and focuses on teaching relevant key skills for the labor markets of the future – by breaking with traditional academic models.

Especially with the innovative and future-oriented virtual campus, which is a long-term strategic initiative of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, it pursues the goal of building a university of tomorrow’s generation. Designers and decision-makers who combine creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, practical relevance, internationality and virtual innovation are educated within the three disciplines of business, sport and psychology, art and design as well as tech and software.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences offers bachelor’s and master’s courses as well as double bachelor’s and MBA courses. The university was institutionally accredited by the Science Council for a period of no more than ten years and system accredited by the accreditation agency FIBAA. U-Multirank has recognized UE as the world market leader in international orientation and classified it as one of the TOP 10 universities in business administration in teaching quality.

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