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Not only does bitcoin repeatedly cause a stir with its fantasies and corrections: now there are also films in which the cryptocurrency has taken the lead role. Which of these works are the most informative and recommendable to the interested viewer?

These are the best feature films and documentaries dealing with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

If you need a break from your trading platform, you will be surprised that there are already some movies worth watching that deal with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The hype that started years ago and seems to never end is now being continued on the big screen and on the TV screen.

Mr. Robot

A recommendation for series junkies: Although cryptocurrencies only play a supporting role, “Mr. Robot” is still recommended for crypto fans. It is also about the global economic system and its many weaknesses – which of course ultimately legitimizes the existence of ​​alternative payment systems such as bitcoins.

“Mr. Robot” features Rami Malek, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance as Queen singer Freddie Mercury. Malek also convinces in “Mr. Robot” – he is certainly one of the most interesting actors currently available in Hollywood.

But it is not only because of Malek’s acting performance that “Mr. Robot” is recommended. “Mr. Robot” is an excellent series that shines a light on the broken economic system over four seasons and shows the power that anarchist hackers can sometimes have.

Cryptopia – Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet

“Mr. Robot” is fiction, while “Cryptopia – Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet” is not. This is a documentary that is definitely worth watching, where the most famous faces of the crypto industry speak their minds. There are interviews with Roger Ver, Charlie Lee, Andreas Antonopoulos, Samson Mow and also with Craig Wright and Vitalik Buterin. The documentation deals with blockchain technology and the effects on the internet.

Lock bitcoin

In 27 minutes, “Schloss Bitcoin” tells the story of Henning, a Bitcoin expert, and Astrid, his girlfriend, who live together in a castle. Henning will never leave the castle again, while Astrid is drawn back to freedom. Not only do some differences of opinion cause a few laughs during the 27 minutes, “Schloss Bitcoin” also develops into a thriller: criminals plan to steal Henning’s 42 Bitcoin coins.

The German short film is compelling, especially because of its brevity and brevity. There is no boredom here. A small masterpiece that will inspire not only crypto fans.

Crypto – Fear is the hardest currency

Hollywood has also already dealt with Bitcoin and Co. and recorded the film “Crypto – Angst is the hardest canvas”. Luke Hemsworth and action legend Kurt Russell star in this turbulent action film that appeals not so much to crypto fans as it does to fans of the genre.

“Crypto – Fear is the hardest currency” tells the story of Knapp, an expert in digital currencies. After being recruited as an agent to investigate a corruption case in New York, he encounters the Russian mafia, which uses cryptocurrencies to launder money.

Life on Bitcoin – The Human Element

Finally, the documentary “Life on Bitcoin – The Human Element” must be mentioned. During this documentary, the viewer can look forward to a journey through time. You can see Austin and Beccy in 2013 trying to get by on Bitcoin for three months. A challenge as cryptocurrencies were very unknown in 2013.

Especially with the current knowledge of how Bitcoin fared from 2013, the documentation may well provide the occasional cheerful moment.


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