Tamadoge Memecoin is giving away $100,000 as a giveaway – here’s how to enter

The NFT sale of Common Tamadoge has now been going on for a few weeks. Now the crypto relies on a popular marketing strategy. In line with building the ecosystem, the team released a giveaway where participants can win tokens worth $100,000. In this article you will learn how to enter the draw.


Final opportunities to participate

Slowly but surely, the Tamadoge ecosystem is taking shape. Currently, users can purchase NFTs for use at a later time in the planned Tama game. The NFT cards are only available to users for 2 days.

With the end of the NFT sale, the crypto wants to draw attention to itself again. They announced a giveaway campaign on Twitter, giving away $100,000 worth of tokens.

Tamadog giveaway campaign – how to become a participant

Tamadoge holders who wish to enter the prize draw have nine opportunities to do so. They can throw 17 lots into the lottery pool. Participants receive between one and five contributions to various campaigns. This significantly increases their chances of winning.

The raffle entries are awarded as follows: Participants receive an entry for entering their own crypto wallet address. Anyone who follows the official Twitter account will receive another note. To join the Discord or Telegram group, users each receive a ticket with their name on it.

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A retweet about the post makes another point. Anyone who visits Tamadoge on Instagram will also receive an entry.

Entrants can win larger raffle tickets by sharing the post with a friend. For this they receive 5 contributions. Anyone who tweets about Tamadoge and Elon Musk at the same time gets an additional 5 points.

With this, the participants can secure a total of 17 points, which end up in the lottery pool for them. On the one hand, this gives you a greater chance of winning. Tama also receives free advertising with the campaign. The crypto gets a lot of attention due to the many tweets, pictures and reposts.

To date, 114,778 entries have been registered for the competitions. Token holders currently have 40 days to enter the drawing. To receive the prize, entrants must have at least $100 in Tama Coins in their wallet at the time of the draw.

Tama-Game is going live soon – a good time to announce

In the third quarter of this year, the Tamadoge website was released. Pre-sales received great encouragement. The tokens were sold out within a short time. The crypto took in $19.5 million. Even after the presale ended early, the mem coin did well. The game that the ecosystem will revolve around will be released soon.

Trading started at the beginning of October. Within days, the token reached a strong trading volume. The price rose to $0.19 in just four days. However, it has not yet been able to reach the USD 0.20 mark. But just as quickly as the TAMA price rose, it fell again. It has hovered between USD 0.2 and USD 0.3 since mid-November.

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However, the token ecosystem is still under construction. Therefore, Tamadoge currently only offers the NFT purchase. This is meant to prepare users for the Tama game. The unique NFT cards feature a Shiba Inu that players can choose for themselves.

The prices of the cards vary depending on the appearance and rarity of the dogs. The NFT sale already started at the beginning of October. A total of 21,100 NFT dogs are available for traders. Initially, 100 “ultra rare” Shiba Inu dogs were sold. These featured special abilities and dazzling looks. They were available at a price of 1 ETH. 1,000 rare NFTs were then sold, which will also be very rare in the future.

Now 20,000 regular NFT dogs are available to users. These all have a unique look. They are available from 0.195 ETH. Only by purchasing such a Shiba Inus will users gain access to the Tama game.

According to the developer’s roadmap, the game was supposed to be released later this year. The team also reports in its news blog that the game may launch soon.

“As avid Doge Diary readers, you’ll know that our first game is pretty much complete. We’re just pushing the last few pixels into place and testing for bugs, but it’s pretty much done.”

So it may be in the coming weeks and the TAMA game will finally be released. Here, players are tasked with taking care of the NFT Shiba Inu from the Marketplace. The dog must be looked after, fed and entertained like a real pet.

If you take good care of your animal, you can quickly develop it further and then let it participate in dogfights. The dog owner competes against other players with his Shiba Inu dog. Whoever wins a match receives TAMA points as a reward, which can then be converted into Tamadoge coins. In the multiplayer mode, a play to earn mode will be integrated.

The developers stated that they want to release more games. A game will be based on the arcade game model. Players can win Tamadoge Coins here and bring them back into the game.

All game models will integrate the currently available NFTs. So if you don’t own an NFT Shiba Inu, you won’t be able to use the game.

Giveaways as a popular marketing strategy

Giveaway campaigns have been particularly popular in recent months. They give cryptocurrencies more exposure, potentially a larger customer base and more followers on social media. Due to the large number of views that giveaways get through forwarding, more and more people learn about the project.

In most cases, developers link the promotions to ongoing changes that occur in the cryptocurrency.

Battle Infinity released a giveaway a few days ago and gave away $10,000 worth of tokens.

Sports token Chiliz also released a USD 150,000 giveaway that coincided with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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