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Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) gathers and expands its digital entertainment offer for younger audiences under the MDR Jump brand and gives the station/media offering, which has also been reorganized in terms of content, a fresh brand image.

The radio station “MDR JUMP”, which has been on the air since the beginning of 2000 (originally under the name Jump FM), is being adjusted in terms of content and appearance. In the future, the broadcaster, which is particularly widespread in the eastern states, will be expanded to become MDR’s digital entertainment brand, as MDR explains in a press release. A multi-platform offer with video and audio formats on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, for ARD Audiothek and ARD Mediathek as well as a dedicated app has been developed in close cooperation between the main entertainment departments and MDR Jump. All these offers are gathered under the domain

Excerpt from the press release

“Our goal is to offer good entertainment to everyone in central Germany. The new digital offer makes our diverse formats available in a modern, passionate and humorous way and is sure to reach new, younger audiences. It is an important step that the main entertainment department and MDR JUMP, and thus the program directorates in Leipzig and Halle, have taken hand in hand and with concentrated entertainment expertise. Team play at its best,” says Klaus Brink Bäumer, MDR Program Director Leipzig.

As part of the restructuring, MDR Jump will also receive a new brand identity, including a new logo. The last significant change to the branding was in 2011.

MDR Jump Logo – before and after, image source: MDR, image montage: dt

New colors, new typography, new style: the MDR Jump logo has been extensively changed. Instead of the red letters on a green background, there is now a plain logo that, depending on the context and offer, can also be displayed in other colors (see example). By default, a colorless logo is used in the applications (homepage, social media), possibly in black or white.


When the radio station Jump was launched more than 20 years ago, the abbreviation of the state radio and television company (MDR) was completely omitted. A strategy that other state radio and television companies also practice with their broadcaster brands aimed at young target groups (Eins Live, Bremen Next, N-Joy, etc.). In order to address a young/young audience, according to the associated communication concept, a brand/language aimed at this is also required. Already in 2011, ten years after its launch, the “Jump Morning Show” became the “MDR Jump Morning Show”. With the introduction of the abbreviation “MDR”, the brand identity changed both linguistically and conceptually.

The youth radio brand, which had previously been largely self-sufficient, slowly but steadily slipped under the umbrella of the main brand MDR. The digital presence was gathered under the domain until the summer of 2022. Now this only works as a redirection to The meaning and purpose of the relationship between the sub-brand (Jump) and the umbrella brand (MDR) that has been reorganized in this way is as follows: On the one hand, all sub-brands can be identified as belonging to the umbrella brand based on this linguistic/visual identifier. ARD practices this model using the small 1 in a circle, with which all logos of state broadcasters and sub-brands are provided, similar to a copyright signature. On the other hand, MDR probably also hopes that a little of the youthful freshness/vitality and the attractiveness associated with this will also radiate from the (older) umbrella brand. Image transfer, in this case according to the bottom-up principle.

The new MDR Jump logo is also a bottom-up move, in this case a clean logo. The rhythmic shape rising from lower left to upper right signals movement/dynamics. The rich green – Spotify says hello – and other tones borrowed from the RGB color climate support this communication. The pumped-up attitude of the Noughties is therefore a thing of the past. The brand enters the next decade clean and geared towards maximum flexibility.

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