High quality interior design for winter 2022

The decor is ideal for demonstrating your sense of style. Winter 2022 in particular has several trends and must-haves to offer. So you don’t just feel at home in your own four walls. These trends, which can be found in the interior design center LIVING BERLIN, literally knock the socks off the guests.

Natural materials for natural heat

What do wood, rattan and jute have in common? They are natural and radiate a pleasant warmth. A cold living room quickly becomes an oasis of well-being with the use of wooden furniture, jute art or rattan stools. If you want to enjoy a particularly pleasant atmosphere, you should definitely jump on this trend!

Sustainability: Goodbye plastic and hello natural material!

Closely intertwined with the previous trend is the sustainability trend. Making a statement and to advocate for the protection of the environment, natural materials are ideal in your own four walls. How about soft rugs made from real wool? Or a solid wood coffee table? But don’t worry: sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive. Anyone who takes the environmental protection aspect particularly seriously will still buy used. Used furniture is the trend par excellence!

Matching colors to calm you down

A light pastel blue, a calm creamy tone or a strong spruce green – many colors stand for relaxation, rest and soothing. With the right colors, each room can be designed to suit. The power of color is scientifically proven and not just a fleeting trend. So it is definitely worth putting the current trend colors on the wall. In this way, you can enjoy its relaxing effect for a long time to come.

Geometric shapes: lively modernity

Another furniture trend for winter 2022 is clear structures and geometric shapes. Circles, rhombuses and squares are found on textile prints, wall art and in the form of decorative objects. The following applies: less is more! This is how your own four walls look lively and modern at the same time. This is how the timeless look with geometric shapes works!

Cute soft textiles: velvet as a feel-good trend

Velvet is a popular textile. It not only looks cuddly soft and thus ensures a real feel-good atmosphere. Velvet is also very diverse. Whether you set up an armchair or other upholstered furniture made of velvet or just use decorative items made of velvet – this cuddly soft material should not be missing in any apartment in winter 2022!

Winter 2022 will be cool and cozy

The furnishing trends for winter 2022 show very clear trends. They all combine the cozy aspect with something cool and relaxed. Sustainability is a topic that accompanies people in all areas of life – so why not also when you have to decorate your home? In addition, the natural materials used stand for relaxation, warmth and comfort. If it is not the highest demands for wooden furniture, woolen articles and rattan chairs!

There is also a strong portion of plants. Anyone who likes to set up live houseplants has good cards in winter 2022. They contribute to a natural atmosphere and ensure a relaxing environment with their lush green areas. It looks particularly trendy when large palm trees are combined with small succulents and small plants hanging from a traffic light.

It’s also about the color palette, which is very popular in winter. Cream, sand and green shades are very trendy. With a few indoor plants, wooden furniture and a sofa in a cream or beige tone, the style is already complete. These colors not only have a pleasant effect, but are also the ideal starting point for home accessories and decorations. This is where decorative objects and murals really come into their own.

Mindfulness as a current living trend

Many people do not know mindfulness from the area of ​​life. But the “Slow Living” or “Mindful Living” trend stops in more and more occasions. Mindful lifestyle works with warm light sources that create a cozy atmosphere. Indoor plants can also be found in this tank. They clean the air and do something good for your health. Not many people know this, but plants can even improve mental health because they reduce stress. An apartment furnished in the current trend for winter 2022 creates the ideal environment for meditation and mindfulness exercises.

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