6 beauty secrets that prevent wrinkles on your face

For most people, it happens in their mid-20s: when they look in the mirror, they discover the first fine lines. It’s not bad at all, we’re all getting older after all. If you still like prevent wrinkles If you want, we have 6 effective tips for you here.

Wrinkle prevention: you must do this

Everyone gets wrinkles during their life, because they are natural part of skin aging. As we age, our metabolism slows down and blood circulation and cell division in the skin decrease. As a result less able to regenerate the skin – Wrinkles form.

In general, the skin loses its elasticity with age elasticity and resilience, this is due to the decreasing density of collagen and elastin fibers, but also to the reduced endogenous production of hyaluronic acid. The sebaceous glands also impair their performance, they said the skin becomes dry.

When and how pronounced the wrinkle is varies from body to body. The good news: we can do it with our lifestyle and with a sophisticated beauty routineto prevent wrinkles.

Smoking and alcohol can be fun, but they absolutely guarantee wrinkles. (Photo: imago images/Westend61)

The unnatural aging of the skin

But mainly environmental factors and lifestyle is closed 90 percent responsible for accelerated skin aging. UV rays, nicotine, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and a diet low in vitamins are our skin’s kryptonite. They promote free radicals in our body which attack our cells and ultimately cause irreparable skin damage.

Special care must be taken with UVA rays necessary, which penetrate particularly deep into our skin and inhibit our collagen production. Subsequently the connective tissue shrinks and the skin’s elasticity decreases.

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These are the 5 most reliable anti-wrinkle tips. (Photo: imago images/Westend61)

Prevent wrinkles – that’s how it works guaranteed

Therefore, wrinkles form during natural, but above all unnatural skin aging. To prevent them there is lots of tips and tricks. We have the 6 best collected for you:

Tip 1: moisturize your skin

The most important thing in the fight against wrinkles is the right skin care. As we age, our skin loses moisture. We can give it back to her from the outside. Therefore, make sure to use a facial cream that moisturizes the skin. Products with hyaluronic acid or urea.

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Tip 2: Avoid alcohol and nicotine

Of course, once again you have to do without the things that are fun. But alcohol and nicotine are not just jokers, but also addictive stimulants and in large quantities also poison for the body.

Among other things, nicotine causes collagen to break down faster, so your skin loses its elasticity faster. Alcohol makes your the body loses important nutrients and therefore also hinders its functionality.

Tip: You can read here how to stop smoking, but also how stopping alcohol works.

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The most reliable anti-aging tip? Apply lotion, especially sunscreen, as soon as the sun is out. (Photo: shutterstock/ javi_indy)

Tip 3: Always use sunscreen

Not using sunscreen is not an option. If you want to get a healthy tan without risking skin cancer in old age, you must apply every time you sunbathe. The positive side effect?

Not just skin cancer, but wrinkles are also prevented. Pay attention to tested, high-quality products and, if possible, use natural cosmetic sunscreens without nanoparticles to do the environment a favor.

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Reaching for fruit regularly helps prevent wrinkles. (Photo: imago images/Cavan Images)

Tip 4: Drink a lot and eat healthy

Anyone who drinks a lot supplies their skin with nutrients and supports the skin’s connective tissue. On the day shall two to three liters should be drunkto ensure that.

Even those who eat a healthy and balanced diet can prevent wrinkles and be rewarded with beautiful skin. Above all, you should include fruits and vegetables in your diet because they contain Antioxidants act as cleansers for harmful free radicals. Proteins also ensure that your body cells renew themselves.

Tip 5: Stress relief around every corner

If you want to prevent wrinkles, you must first of all reduce stress and Build relaxation into everyday life. How you do this is entirely up to you: Moderate sports units such as mindful running, but also Pilates and LIIT training are particularly suitable. But also enough sleep helps reduce stress.

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A lot of moisturizing care and a little make-up is best for the skin! (Photo: imago images/Cavan Images)

Tip 6: Don’t use make-up every day

In order not to demand too much from your skin, it makes sense to treat you don’t wear makeup every day. Instead of clogging your pores, let your skin breathe. And if you want to put on make-up, use natural cosmetics for the sake of your skin and the environment.

Layering: The right sequence for your facial care

Prevent wrinkles: Now is the best time to start

Are you already showing the first lines of expression around your eyes and is it also becoming clear on your forehead that you work a little too concentrated from time to time?

With our tips, you won’t get rid of these first signs of skin aging, but you can reliably prevents further wrinkles. And if over time more and more wrinkles appear, it is anything but wild. Let’s just see wrinkles for what they are: as a sign of how exuberantly we have enjoyed life.

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