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While non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are often associated with JPEG images, NFTs with real use cases continue to rise. As interest in digital collectibles has increased over the past year, the focus has been on NFTs with profile pictures, or NFTs that can be used as social media avatars.

Influenced by Larva Lab’s successful CryptoPunks NFT project, these NFTs dominated marketplaces like OpenSea. Other types of NFTs like NFT projects with use cases and NFT game has gained a lot of popularity, especially in the last few months. While art-focused NFT projects remain popular with collectors, more and more creators are adding real-world experiences and rewards to their digital collectibles.

This concept is called NFT project with use case mentioned, resulting in the digital asset being assigned a broader value beyond the mere aggregate value. Whether the added value is an in-game item or a membership to an event or website, bid Utility NFTs provide significant opportunities for brands and developers to expand the uses of NFTs.

What are NFTs and NFT projects

NFT projects

NFTs are cryptoassets that represent a unique commodity, whether it’s a real object like a sneaker or a digital asset like a blockchain game skin. These tradable assets cannot be exchanged between each other and data about NFT is stored on the blockchain via smart contracts.

Because NFTs are minted and tracked on the blockchain, they are often used Verify the authenticity and ownership of a specific asset.

In general distinguishes an NFT project from NFT art, as it is produced on a much larger scale. While small-scale NFT art is mostly made by individual artists and marketed on the NFT market, NFT projects produced by large organizations and are available for trading on their own platforms.

The best NFT projects

There are many exciting NFT projects, which has a good chance to be successful in 2023. However, there are some NFT projects that are positioned to be successful not only in 2023 but also in the years after. These projects work on innovative ideas, which have never been seen before and completely change their niche.

Such a niche is e.g Blockchain games that work with NFTs. NFT integrated games offer a platform with a variety of concepts such as Play to Earn and Gamefi, one of the hottest concepts that have already built a large community.

Especially that The NFT karting genre is a popular genre of blockchain games that work with NFTs. In these NFT projects are Trading card represented as NFT and can be freely traded or used in the game. Although it is one promising genre deals, the market is full of fake projects. This makes it difficult for investors to find projects that do this Has potential to deliver solid gameplay along with attractive ROIs.

Calvaria – A future oriented NFT project

Calvaria presale phase 4

A currently promising NFT project is Calvaria, a P2E card games are making headlines in the GameFi space. It has one of many reasons enormous potential and shows that there is still a lot left for innovation in the blockchain gaming space. There are several reasons why Calvaria is so compelling, some of which are listed here.

Calvaria is available
The first and foremost reason why Calvaria is a promising NFT project is that it is a available NFT game is. Players do not need a crypto wallet, hold or buy crypto to start playing. This lowers the barriers for players without crypto experience. The game is also available on desktop and mobile devices.

Both free to play and play to earn
Another aspect that makes Calvaria special and more accessible is the fact that it There are both play-to-earn and free-to-play versions. Of course, these versions have different features. The F2P version does not have blockchain related features like NFTs. Still, players can access story elements and play the game against others.

A compelling setting and story
One of Calvaria’s biggest selling points is the game’s setting and story. The game takes place in the afterlife, with several different factions available. Players earn and upgrade their cards belonging to different factions to succeed in the fight on a battlefield. The characters in the universe belong to different factions, all their own unique visual design having. Unlike other NFT P2E games, Calvaria also has a single player mode.

Lots of features and earning potential
Calvaria offers different game options for players to try. This includes mini-games, duels, PVE, PVP and an NFT marketplace. Players can use these game options to generate income in different ways. For example, players can earn money by battling and winning their NFTs against other players or by selling their NFTs on the NFT Marketplace.

Powered by the community
No crypto project is truly decentralized until it is community-led. The Calvaria team is strictly focused on this, and there will be a DAO that will let the community guide the direction of the project. For that will The RIA token used which is currently available in the Calvaria pre-order.

What is the RIA token?

RIA cryptocurrency

RIA is Calvaria’s native cryptocurrency and an ERC-20 token. It plays several important roles in this new NFT project. First, it is RIA Payment methods within Calvaria. Players must use RIA tokens to buy and sell NFTs on Calvaria’s peer-to-peer marketplace.

Second, the RIA is used to offer in-game rewards. Players who win duels earn RIA, which they can then use in the marketplace to further improve their battle deck.

In addition, RIA can be connected to the platform. investors who use RIA, lock their tokens and receive RIA rewards in return. For investors, investing in RIA can be a way to generate passive income.

Finally, RIA is used to Allocate votes within the Calvaria DAO. The more RIA someone uses, the more say they have in the future of this NFT project.

Calvaria also uses another token, eRIA, which credits players for time spent in the game becomes and can be used for things like map upgrades and purchases from the in-game shop.

Invest in the NFT project Calvaria

Calvaria’s native RIA crypto token plays a vital role in the Calvaria ecosystem and offers one direct investment in the Calvaria NFT project. For this reason, the RIA token is considered by many experts to be one of the best new cryptocurrencies right now. Calvaria recently launched its crypto presale, which gives investors the opportunity Buy RIA at reduced pricesbefore tokens are listed on public exchanges.

Of Pre-sales are divided into several phases, with the price of RIA increasing in each subsequent level. Stages 1 through 3 are already sold out, and Calvaria’s pre-order has raised more than $1.8 million since launch.

The RIA token is currently in the fourth pre-sale phase 4, which is already more than 90% sold out! Investors who want to invest in this exciting NFT project should hurry!

Now for Calvaria Presale

Here is key details investors need to know if you want to invest in this top NFT project via the Calvaria presale:

Pre-sale start: 14 October
Means of payment: ETF, USDT, Credit card via Changelly
Blockchain used: Ethereum
Minimum investment: 1,000 RIA
NFT project use case: NFT trading card game

Official pre-sale website:

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