Is Porsche Pushing NFT and Metaverse Mass Adoption?

So far, Porsche’s NFT and Metaverse experts have leaked little information. But the path into the digital world seems paved.

The Linked-In profile of the head of the Volkswagen Group’s Metaverse and NFT strategy, Tim Walther, has since yesterday referenced the newly created Twitter profile. Previously, a post with the hashtag #probablynothing in combination with a special Porsche letter suggested a link to the Ethereum blockchain. The reference to the best known smart contract blockchain is made even clearer by the Twitter handle @eth_porsche.

And Tim Walther also throws a date into the room: 29 November. will be a special day for this project. To what extent it remains open. However, the project’s website,, suggests that NFTs play a role.

The NFT sector continues to attract attention. With non-fungible tokens, Visa supports the organizers of the World Cup as well as fans and visitors of the sporting event, which attracts worldwide attention. When Reddit launched NFT wallets, users created 2.5 million such wallets in record time.

Global players in the fashion industry have recognized the trend: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Nike and Burberry have all hung out in the Metaverse for a while. Not a bad move. Because even in the virtual environment, clothes make the man. And then Porsche drivers could also wish to transfer their lifestyle to the digital world. On the website for the new project it says:

“Come along on a new journey. A journey to merge the physical and the digital. A journey dedicated to co-creation and community.”

And it looks like the project is gaining traction. 16,000 Twitter followers within two days speak a clear language. A look at the official Porsche account gives an idea that several of the more than 2 million Porsche fans on Twitter will find their way to the new project. Convenient because users can embed their NFT directly as a profile picture. As we can see, the digital world is penetrating more and more areas of life.

What could be possible with a Porsche NFT?

For Porsche, this is not the first foray into the NFT world. As early as August 2021, Porsche auctioned off a design sketch as a non-fungible token for 30.25 Ethereum via the SuperRare platform in a pilot project. The proof-of-concept is already in place.

What Porsche intends to do now is uncertain. The possibilities are far-reaching, and we can’t wait to see what the company comes up with. Will a Porsche buyer get a digital replica of their car to sail in the Metaverse? Does he automatically become a member of an exclusive Porsche Club? Or is he only allowed to put a cap with the Porsche logo on his avatar?

Or will customers receive a tamper-proof, blockchain-based certification of the status of a purchased vehicle in the long term? Among other things, Porsche could store the identification number, vehicle version, mileage, driving modes and battery status of hybrid versions on the blockchain. Based on this data, which cannot be falsified, dealers could determine the condition of the vehicle. And individual insurance based on driving behavior could also be considered. But it is enough to go too far. Whereby …

At least one thing is certain: Porsche’s entry into the NFT and Metaverse division again leads to an increase in interest from around the world. Let’s wait and see what Porsche will do in 7 days, on November 29th. roll towards us.


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