HT meanwhile double digit plus – is this the turnaround opportunity of the year?

The Huobi token already rose around 10% today. The gains were then massively sold off. Profit-taking pushed the Huobi token price back below $5 on a volatile trading day, hitting a fresh 7-day high today. After a strong outperformance, the FTX crash hit the Huobi token particularly hard. Because the native tokens of decentralized exchanges are currently not very popular. After the $10 price target for 2022 was previously announced, an exciting turnaround opportunity could arise here. Hands off or go in now? Our Huobi token price prediction:

Huobi token price explodes in double digits, followed by massive profit taking

In the last 24 hours, there has been a massive pump, which has sent the Huobi token over 10% in the meantime. On a volatile trading day, the Huobi token price traded between $4.69 and $5.23. A new 7-day high was set before profit-taking wiped out almost all of the gains.

The key support area around $4.30 has largely held for the past few days. A first trend reversal can be seen in the daily chart. After more than two weeks of daily losses, the Huobi token was able to close in the black for the first time in the last two days. The RSI is still trading just above 30 and close to the oversold condition. The recovery could certainly continue here.

Huobi Global expands: “Building a global Web 3.0”

Last but not least, Huobi Global’s expansion plans should allow for imagination, which was also the basis for the last rally with the accompanying price doubling. After Justin Sun’s entry into Huobi Global, the focus is on the future. Huobi Global’s rebranding will soon be based on three pillars: global development, technology-based processes and science for a bright future.

New listing at Bitfinex: HT is traded on the next major exchange

A new CEX listing for the native token from Huobi Global Exchange is also positive. Because HT has been tradable on Bitfinex since yesterday, the availability increases further. The Huobi token then pumped promptly.

CEX token crash an exaggeration: turnaround for Huobi token?

Although there were no problems at Huobi Global, the native HT token was taken into custody. The collapse of the FTX exchange and subsequent insolvency revealed massive problems with the transparency of some centralized exchanges. Confidence is currently suffering extremely, which also depressed the prices of other CEX tokens, so the Huobi token price, for example, crashed by around 40% in two weeks.

Huobi global reserves

But the CEX crash may be an exaggeration, as some investors will likely continue to prefer centralized crypto exchanges in the future. Justin Sun is considered a famous personality in the crypto space, Huobi Global is currently working on transparent proof of its own deposits, Proof of Reserves. CoinMarketCap reports the status quo with current cumulative deposits in excess of $3 billion – roughly the amount FTX has obligations to the 50 largest creditors. Huobi Global has the largest stake in the original HT token.

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Crypto tip: Pre-ICO Book profits over 100% in this pre-sale

A $10 flip on the Huobi token would yield over 100% returns for current investors. But there are also gains of this nature with other coins – possibly thanks to exciting fluctuations in the pre-sale with less risk. Because the new Calvaria (RIA) presale currently enables a token purchase for $0.025. But since the final price will be $0.055, book profit of over 100% is possible even before ICO.

Calvary Presale

At the same time, the NFT trading card game is also worth a long-term look. Because Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is first and foremost a conventional NFT-based card game where players compete against each other with individual decks. But a conceptual peculiarity makes Calvaria (RIA) particularly attractive. Because those responsible are also developing a free smartphone app so that players can also find a point of contact on Web2. From here the conversion to Play-2-Earn-Game should take place. If this approach is successful, mass market adoption beckons.

Now for the Calvaria Presale

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