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From companies like Meta, to virtual reality headsets, to new Metaverse cryptocurrencies and non-fungible token marketplaces ? there are many ways to invest in Metaverse. However, as with any new technology, there are many known and unknown risks for potential investors.

This article defines Metaverse, explains the best ways to invest in it, and explains why Metaverse could become one of the biggest trends in the coming decades.

What is the metaverse?

The Metaverse

Metaverse is a virtual environment where people can connect, interact and do business through avatars. This Convergence of the digital and physical worlds comes from the Greek “meta” meaning beyond or after and “verse” meaning universe.

There is two main forms of metaverse. Virtual reality provides a artificial reality typically via a VR headset. It takes over a user’s field of vision to create a to provide an immersive experience. Immersive experiences include audio and body position tracking to enable movement of body parts, such as hands, to interact with the virtual environment.

Augmented Reality is less immersive than VR. It adds the real world through a kind of lens Add virtual overlays. Users can still interact with their real environment in AR.

How to invest in Metaverse

There are two primary ways to invest in Metaverseindirectly by buying shares in companies that invest in Metaverse or directly by buying assets within Metaverse.

Indirect investments in the Metaverse

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There is many different types of companies involved in the Metaversewhich provides ample opportunity for indirect investors.

tech giants as well as Alphabet, Amazon, Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft are investing much to create their own Metaverse platforms.

alphabet: Google’s parent company is pouring millions of dollars into developing Web3.0, the next generation of World Wide Web technologies that will form the Metaverse’s infrastructure.
Meta: The social media giant has developed and launched Meta Horizon Worlds, which it bills as a virtual immersive social universe where users can explore the digital worlds created by Meta developers or create their own.
Microsoft: Microsoft has introduced Azure Digital Twins, offering its users the ability to create a digital representation of real things, places, business processes and people.

Gaming platforms were on The pinnacle of the Metaverse and attracted millions of loyal fans even before the Metaverse took off immersive gaming experiences.

Activision Blizzard: Has been active in the gaming industry for more than a decade. It has successfully monetized its platform. Microsoft’s proposed $68.7 billion bid to acquire Activision Blizzard is awaiting regulatory approval.
Roblox: Operates an online entertainment platform that enables people to make friends, share experiences, connect through common interests and go on digital expeditions. The company also offers Roblox Studio, a free toolset that developers can use to create, publish, and run 3D worlds.
Tencent: Owner of the messaging platform WeChat, has a stake in Metaverse through its subsidiary Epic Games. Epic Games developed Fortnite, one of the most popular online video games of all time. The platform has evolved around Fortnite Creative, which allows users to create their own avatars and worlds.

Generally that Chipmakers will benefit from the development of the metaverse given the massive computing power required to support immersive digital experiences. It is unclear which chip makers will win.

Nvidia: Aggressively investing in Metaverse with its flagship product Nvidia Omniverse, a platform that enables real-time acceleration of complex 3D workflows and new capabilities for visualization, simulation and coding.
Qualcomm: Raised a $100 million Metaverse fund earlier this year to make strategic investments in mixed reality companies and developers. The company plans to become the leading provider of Metaverse hardware for immersive experiences, such as VR headsets, AR glasses and holographic projectors.

Direct investments in Metaverse

There are now more and more opportunities for direct investment in Metaverse.

Virtual parties: Buying virtual land requires selecting a Metaverse platform and creating an account there. Two of the most popular right now are Sandbox and Decentraland. Sandbox is a decentralized gaming space built on Ethereum where players can buy or rent simulated houses. Decentraland also uses the Ethereum blockchain to power its virtual environment. In Decentraland, customers can develop, explore and benefit from their generated content. When purchasing land in a Metaverse, users receive an NFT as proof of purchase of the asset.

cryptocurrencies: Crypto is the currency of choice for buying everything in the Metaverse, including NFTs, and some of the most popular are Calvaria’s RIA, Decentraland’s MANA, The Sandbox’s SAND, and Axie Infinity’s AXS.

NFTs: These are the buyer’s ownership rights to artwork, digital collectibles and music in the Metaverse. Famous brands like Gucci and Adidas as well as auction houses like Sotheby’s are already selling assets in the Metaverse based on NFTs.

The best Metaverse investment

Calvary Presale

Direct investment often provides the best returns for new technologies. As a result, cryptocurrencies are one of the best investment vehicles for Metaverse.

In particular, immersive metaverse blockchain games are experiencing explosive growth. know so lots of potential in the upcoming subsector several daring projects are currently being initiated. One of these is Calvaria, a Metaverse NFT digital trading card game.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is one Blockchain gaming platform, which has become very popular in the crypto market. The game combined several popular Web3 conceptsranging from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the metaverse.

With the aid of Gamification mechanisms, Calvaria offers an immersive and exciting card game. Another crucial area is the amount of options players have. Calvary offers one Play to earn mode by rewarding users with more perks and benefits. Players will use the native RIA tokens are rewarded for time spent playing the game.

In addition to earning fees from ticket sales, tournament betting, and even promotional and scholarship opportunities, this mode allows players to earn money while you play.

In addition to his P2E mode, Calvaria offers a free-to-play (F2P) mode. F2P mode is aimed at players who either lack crypto knowledge or don’t want to interface with blockchain-based assets. These players will still have the opportunity to to play this new exciting Metaverse game. As a result, this Metaverse project increases its chances of getting one build a large player base.

Given the limited supply and their unique features are Calvaria cards are inherently valuable, as they are non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The native The RIA token has also seen positive results following its already very successful presale. The project is currently completing three phases in the fourth pre-sale phase. The project has already raised $1.8 million in investments from blockchain game lovers and early investors.

In this pre-sale phase, investors can purchase the RIA token for a current value of $0.05, a real bargain price. So if you want to invest in Metaverse, you should Take a closer look at the Calvaria sale.

Now for Calvaria Presale

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