BudBlockz up over 160%. Can it emulate Solana’s run in 2021?

Solana experienced the kind of 2021 that investors are hoping for. The coin’s value increased by over 12,000% in a single year. In January, if you had earned $100 today, you would have become a billionaire. Although Solana’s performance will be nearly impossible to replicate, investors should still consider coins operating on the Solana blockchain. Coins working with the Solana network may increase in value if it continues to operate successfully.


One such cryptocurrency company that allows you to be the first to invest in a coin and an entire industry is BudBlockz. The fact that BudBlockz is the first decentralized e-commerce platform for the cannabis sector, making their $BLUNT token and their NFTs Ganja Guruz even more valuable.

The cannabis market is booming

BudBlockz is entering a market that has enormous potential. In 30 countries around the world, including some US states, the use of marijuana is now legal. The cannabis market will expand and more legislation will follow. According to analysts, the global cannabis market could be worth more than $176 billion by 2030. BudBlockz will lead the industry and expand by improving community accessibility and professionalizing data management and logistics.

Exclusive discounts and bonuses

The fact that they are creating a token and NFT with real utility is their third and most important strength from an investor perspective. Unlike many other crypto tokens that are merely governance tokens, the $BLUNT token will serve as the default form of payment for BudBlockz participants.

This includes growers, pharmacies, retailers and end users. The $BLUNT token must be owned by all parties who wish to use the decentralized market. Market demand will increase as the industry grows, and the increasing demand is likely to lead to price increases.

Budblockz Ganja NFTs

Additionally, their Ganja Guruz NFTs offer an additional exciting real-world use case. If you own one, you can take advantage of shared ownership of the farms and dispensaries. In addition to owning a decentralized share, passive income from dividends and bonuses, you can also benefit from unique bonuses and member discounts.

A decentralized system

What’s fascinating about BudBlockz is that it’s both first-party and tapping into a potentially large market. Currently, around 30% of the world’s cannabis business takes place online. This share will increase further in the next ten years.

The first decentralized e-commerce platform is being built, and BudBlockz is at the forefront of it. Their market cap would already be over $50 billion if they could capture 30% of the cannabis sector.

That percentage is likely to be significantly higher if they can lead the cannabis e-commerce sector.

BudBlockz may be bigger than Solana

With all these advantages, BudBlockz could have higher growth than Solana in 2023. BudBlockz pre-sales are still ongoing; therefore, their coin is not yet listed on an exchange.

As a result, they have a great opportunity to expand significantly in 2023. With a market cap of $10.99 billion, Solana’s options for expansion are limited. The market cap of $BLUNT is currently around 2.5 million.

So a market cap of $100m. would be 40x $BLUNT, which is largely unattainable for Solana.

Budblockz BLUNT tokens


BudBlockz is one of the most exciting new cryptocurrency companies and a pioneer in a rapidly developing sector with enormous potential. You can access a token with a practical application and potential for rapid growth due to increasing demand via the current presale. By 2023, BudBlockz is expected to outpace Axie Infinity.

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