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Cryptocurrencies are trading a little easier again this Saturday. Bitcoin price is slightly hovering above $16,500. Ethereum continues to struggle at the $1200 price level. The FTX crash destroyed confidence in the digital currency market in the short term. A recovery is currently (yet) not specified. The crypto winter may last a little longer, although the macroeconomic situation is at least a little better.

But risks remain ubiquitous? both crypto immanent factors and also the macro economy. Nevertheless, there are also opportunities in every crisis? the following two coins may also explode in the 2022/2023 crypto winter. Here, investors have the opportunity to participate in a promising project at an early stage.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T): Will the new coin benefit from the FTX crash in the medium term?

Why could coins explode in the current crypto winter and what kind of cryptos are currently available? First of all, these can be cryptocurrencies that benefit from the current market environment along with their concept. For example, this trend was evident in the Trust Wallet token, which more than doubled in value due to increasing interest in independent crypto-custody. But a new token could also benefit from the FTX crash and the declining trust in digital currencies, assuming that adoption will increase in the medium term.

Because Dash 2 Trade targets an exciting market and wants to establish a versatile trading platform for cryptos that meets the increasing information needs of traders and investors. For months, AI developers and quantitative analysts have developed an intuitive dashboard that is based on AI technology and thus also automates data handling. If crypto investors want comprehensive information about their investments, they need the right tools. At Dash 2 Trade, the trading platform will offer trading signals, social trading, on-chain data, sentiment scores and much more.

Dash 2 trading

The Dash 2 Trade pre-sale has started successfully. In total, about $6.5 million has been raised to date. On the Twitter channel, the number of followers interested in Dash 2 Trade is already approaching 50,000.

At the same time, the first CEX listings have already been confirmed. After the sale, the D2T token, based on the ERC-20 protocol, will be listed at LBank and BitMart in a timely manner ? bullish for all early investors. Additional CEX listings are likely to be confirmed in the near future.

Here to Dash 2 Trade (IMPT): Eco-friendly cryptocurrency targeting high-growth future trends

Another candidate to outperform in the crypto winter is the IMPT token, which is betting on high-growth target markets. The IMPT pre-sale has already reached a capital raising of around $13 million. Although recessionary effects in the macro economy are likely, IMPT appears to be able to hold its own in this market environment. The project already proved its appeal in the overall bearish market as it continued to raise capital. At the same time, various studies indicate that, despite inflation and fear of recession, sustainability remains a relevant decision criterion for people when shopping and/or investing.

At, several platforms dedicated to online shopping, emissions trading and a social network are already being developed during the crypto sale. The overall idea is clear? it wants to enable consumers to act more sustainably in everyday economic life and benefit from the transparency of blockchain technology.

IMPT Marketplace

Currently, IMPT tokens can still be accumulated for $0.023 before the price rises to $0.028 in the final phase. The first CEX listing is targeted for Q1 2023. Should the crypto winter last that long, could the IMPT token outperform the broad market? thanks to a sustainable concept and at the same time, as experience has shown, a low correlation of crypto pre-sales with the overall market.

Here to

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