Is Coinwert Crypto Scam? How are the experiences?

Financial services provider Coinwert ( has been mentioned in connection with brokerage fraud. The police confirmed to us in discussions that these criminal acts occur frequently. Advertisements on the Internet are a frequent entry point for contacts. Whether it’s a website or a phone call, everything sounds serious and there are high profit opportunities that you shouldn’t miss. According to the perpetrators…

With the financial service provider Coinwert ( there is a risk that your investments will be lost. Act quickly and correctly. An important clue:

No reputable broker will ask you for taxes that are not due to the tax office but are due to the broker. If you receive such a request, assume it is a scam and seek professional help.

Scammers on social media to trap customers

We know from reports from our customers that fraudulent online brokers and scammers use social media to trap customers. Ads on Facebook or Instagram show alleged success stories where investors have made a lot of money with little effort.

When you visit the website, you will see a professional website Coinwert ( also has an attractive website and thus lures the customers into the trap. From the perpetrators’ point of view, it is important to make personal contact quickly. This is the best way to convince customers.

Blacklist of rogue brokers

In the first conversation on the phone, the broker’s contact person skilfully investigates how he can get a first payment from you. The contact person at Coinwert ( has only one goal, to get an initial payment as an investment.

Advertising with regulatory registrations

Competent and reputable brokers are registered with the financial supervisory authorities. Non-reputable online brokers are aware of the advertising value of official permits. For this reason, false information is actively advertised.

Anyone who does not display a European authority registration on their website will only be difficult to catch with supervisory measures. For European registrations, you should check whether the information really exists. We repeatedly see references to purported British or Cypriot official approvals, which then turn out to be false.

What practices do the financial supervisory authorities use?

There are different financial supervisory authorities in European countries. These include, for example, BaFin, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, the FCA, the UK Financial Supervisory Authority and the FMA, the Austrian Financial Markets Authority. Warnings about fraudulent trading service providers are presented from time to time by European regulatory authorities.

Unfortunately, we experience the supervisory authorities as slow and not very successful. The warning messages reach the injured party too late and effective measures, such as securing current accounts, do not take place. This creates a “safe zone” for fraudsters and they hardly need to fear official seizures.

Can I afford a lawyer against Coinwert (

Cost transparency is important to us. The issue of fees is therefore dealt with at the outset. For the first contact, we offer injured parties a free initial assessment via e-mail. In this way, a non-binding contact is possible without fees or costs.

You will then receive an overview of suggestions for further action. If the chemistry is right and you think our proposition makes sense, you can order us at short notice. Then we are immediately at your side with advice and action.

Special lawyer for IT law against crypto fraud

A fixed fee can be agreed with you for legal advice and support in case of fraud by Coinwert ( The fixed fee takes into account the scope of the activities and also, for example, the costs of translations in order to negotiate with foreign payment service providers or crypto exchanges.

So you know right from the start how expensive the lawyer will be and can estimate the financial costs in euros and cents in advance. You can then decide whether you want to invest this money or whether you want your savings back.

The broker’s place of business is decisive

Not all websites of untrustworthy online brokers have accurate information about the place of business. Some of the information may be found in the footer in a hidden way or is “hidden” on a subpage of the website.

Many fraudsters have offices abroad, sometimes even in unknown island countries. If you experience such addresses, a critical examination is necessary. From the perpetrators’ point of view, this is intended to make it more difficult for investors to seek legal assistance on the spot and visit the broker in person.

Crypto value transfer regulation

The German legislature installed the Crypto Value Transfer Ordinance on October 1, 2021. According to the will of the German legislature, terrorist financing and money laundering with crypto assets should be avoided.

The Crypto Assets Transfer Ordinance imposes various obligations on the service providers, such as determining the name, address and account number of the customer and the recipient. These obligations also apply to crypto exchanges. In this way, the legislator wants to ensure that the transmission of crypto-assets can be completely traced.

We are curious to what extent the non-German crypto exchanges and crypto service providers implement the relevant regulations. It is to be expected that the legislator will also issue similar rules on a European level, so that unlimited anonymous transfer of crypto-assets and cryptocurrencies should not be possible in the long term.

Lawyer against Coinwert ( will get your money back

trade with us against fraudsters and enforce your claims against Coinwert ( We operate across national borders and are used to communicating in several languages. This also allows us to contact the various European supervisory authorities.

You get a free initial assessment. You can then decide whether you want to let us assert your claims.

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