Perfect harmony: design and aerodynamics in Aiway’s U6 SUV coupe

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With the Aiway’s U6 SUV coupe, the young car company from Shanghai is also entering the lifestyle segment. The dynamically designed body not only shows the new “X Warrior Face” for the first time, but also impresses with its perfect harmony of design and aerodynamics. With a CD value of just 0.248, the intelligent design also ensures low drag and an increased range, as confirmed by the current WLTP certification.

Form and function are often adversaries, but Aiway’s U6 SUV coupé shows that dynamic design can also be highly functional. Its design philosophy visualizes the identity of a technologically innovative, sporty SUV coupé, while using many intelligent aerodynamic measures to ensure very low drag.

The new design language with “X Warrior Face” is particularly characteristic of the overall impression. It consists of two horizontally structured themes. The upper area is flanked by a waterfall-inspired headlight design with underlying air intakes. The lower one consists of huge cooling air intakes with flap system and is limited by a front splitter. This increases downforce for stable straight-line stability. The horizontal shape of the front design emphasizes the wide body and ensures a representative appearance.

New design language relies on generous, clear and intelligent style

The generous and clear styling continues in the subtle muscular play on the side of the vehicle. Two horizontal signature lines divide the profile of Aiway’s U6 SUV coupé into three areas. Since the upper sharp line does not run from the front to the rear, the solitary beads that run over the wheel arches are emphasized like taut muscles. The interplay of lines, which designers refer to as the “Hyperspace Jumping Waistline”, creates a sporty look with a side view.

Another visual highlight in the side view is the wide C-pillar. Its powerful graphics are reminiscent of the fin of a predatory fish and are even more eye-catching thanks to the vehicle’s two-tone design. While this two-tone scheme emphasizes the lightness of the body, the sharply contoured C-pillars are highlighted and have a high recognition value. The same applies to the long, flowing tail with a subtle spoiler and the graphics of the taillights. As a slim LED strip, these run across the entire width of the vehicle and define the rear with a design that follows the headlights. The concave body recesses and the splitter with the aerodynamic side blades also reflect the design and functional themes of the front end. The rear spoiler, integrated into the bodywork, not only serves as a sporty feature, but also generates downforce over the rear axle at higher speeds. This functional property ensures driving stability and reduces turbulence behind the vehicle and thus air resistance.

“With Aiway’s U6 SUV coupé, our design team in Shanghai has created a real it-piece. The slightly different face of the brand not only conveys emotion, it also testifies to the intelligence behind Aiway. Because form and function, especially with an electric vehicle, must always be remembered go hand in hand with efficiency,” explains Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Airways.

Visible and invisible details ensure top aerodynamics

With a drag coefficient of 0.248, the Aiways U6 SUV coupe not only has a very low drag coefficient, it is also among the top group in its segment. In addition to the visible details such as the subtle air deflectors on the outer vehicle boundaries, the flat integrated door handles, the aerodynamically shaped side skirts and the integrated rear spoiler, there are also many invisible details that reduce the flow resistance of Aiway’s U6 SUV coupe and ensure high aerodynamic efficiency.

The slightly sloping windscreen can only be recognized at a second glance. But these details also fulfill the functional requirements to reduce air resistance to a particularly high degree for efficient utilization of the drive energy. The front polished 20-inch alloy wheels not only ensure a brilliant appearance, but are also designed to be particularly streamlined in complex simulations. Other hidden details are the cooling air control that only releases the vents at the front when necessary, a smooth undercarriage and small wheel spoilers on the two axles.

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