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Of: Rudiger Schaefer

There is a parent-child playgroup in the Schlangenzahl family center in the Evangeliske Petrus Congregation. Photo: Schäfer © Schäfer

“Everyday support for extra staff”: The youth committee of the city of Gießen decides to change the minimum standards for staffing in childcare facilities.

Pour. Since August 2019, “general support staff” have been working in the city’s childcare facilities with 0.25 full-time hours. So far, however, this has only applied to children’s groups that only accept children up to three years of age. Also for groups of children who receive them regularly and from the age of three in mixed-age groups. And for daycare centers with only one group. Now, with retroactive effect from 1 August 2022, “everyday supporting additional staff” with 0.25 full-time hours must be retained in all children’s groups. The Youth Committee decided at its last meeting to change the minimum standards.

The application was based on the fact that the use of “everyday supporting extra staff” had proven itself and was perceived by the educational specialists in the childcare services as support and enrichment. “Especially in connection with the always obvious and drastic lack of skilled labour.” This would make it possible to maintain the care times in the respective care facilities. This also creates the opportunity to further develop and maintain the educationally qualitative work in the childcare services.

On 6 November 2014, the Youth Committee recommended the implementation of the Hessian Child Support Act (KiFöG) as a basis for planning calculations, applications for operating permits and funding from the municipality in the contract for the municipal funding of day care. facilities. It was about determining the number of skilled workers, the maximum group sizes, the composition of age-extended groups and extended opening hours: Group U3: 10 children, kindergarten group: 25, after-school group: 25, age composition from age of one: 18 in the ratio of 4 to 14, age mix from the second year of life: 20 in the ratio of 4 to 16.

With longer opening hours and a differentiated design, staffing is at least 2.0 skilled for up to three years only, 1.75 for older workers only, 1.5 for school age groups only, 1.75 for mixed groups and 1.75 for only one group. of setup 2.0. On 2 July 2015, it was decided, among other things, that there must be no more than three children with disabilities in a group for children with integration measures. On 13 August 2018, the provision of additional staff for day-to-day support measures for certain groups has begun. On November 10, this rule was extended to all groups.

maintenance refugee children

Furthermore, it was unanimously decided to secure funding and continuation of the current offers of care and support for refugee children and families for one year – 2023. The application was based on the fact that there is currently a shortage of around 450 childcare places for children from one year of age in day care institutions and day care institutions. For children who seek a daycare place in Giessen after fleeing, it is often not possible to find childcare places. “So that the children can still be introduced to institutional childcare in an easily accessible way and, above all, receive language lessons in a children’s group, and families are supported in raising children, offers in the form of playgroups and mini-daycare centers have been initiated.”

The financing of these offers is initially planned until the end of the year. “It can be predicted that there will not be enough day care places in 2023 either.” Hence the application for funds for an extra year.

There is a playgroup or mini-daycare in each district, which promotes networking between families and gives the children the opportunity to connect with their peers. Children who do not have a place in a daycare center can attend the mini daycare, such as the Paulusgemeinde daycare center in Nordstadt and the family center Gießener Straße in Wieseck. Parents and their children between the ages of two and five who do not have a daycare place can join one of the parent-child groups. For example, at “Eltern helfen Eltern” at Rooseveltstraße 3, in the Schlangenzahl family center of the Evangelical Petrus Congregation, in the Westwind family center on Anne-Frank-Straße and in the Lützellinden district in the “House of Community” at the school.

Contact persons at the youth office are Annette Jakob Tel.: 0641/ 306-2462 and Christina Steudemann Tel.: 0641/ 306-2373.

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