This digital platform offers a blockchain solution for scouting soccer players

The scouting process in sports is still complicated and opaque to athletes today. In addition, there is extreme competition in the market, where you are often only looking for the absolute top talent, which means that other talents fall through the cracks. Lack of transparency and efficiency means that many good players are left out. And this is exactly where TalentIDO will start.

When blockchain meets sports

TalentIDO offers solutions for athlete management. Although the sports industry is worth billions of dollars, it’s usually not just the athletes who reap the rewards, with agents and middlemen typically grabbing big chunks of the pie.

The purpose of the blockchain platform is to help professional athletes. The use of blockchain technology aims to make scouting of players in various sports more efficient and player data verifiable. To achieve this, TalentIDO relies on five cornerstones:

1. The marketplace ecosystem

To enable direct interactions between all users of the platform, several marketplaces are offered, each depicting their respective sport.

2. Transparency

One of TalentIDO’s main goals is to offer players and clubs added value by eliminating unnecessary middlemen who often only unnecessarily complicate the scouting process.

3. Decentralization and democratization

The basic idea of ​​blockchain technology is that there is no need for a higher authority to manage an ecosystem. Therefore, each user at TalentIDO is directly involved in the scouting process, according to their own interests. In this way scouting is literally democratised.

4. Advertising and matching

With different marketplaces, TalentIDO can make it easier to create synergies and open opportunities for cross-promotion.

5. Token standardization

According to the platform, the token distribution and increasing adoption will ensure that the community will gradually grow and become even more committed through the use of the token. Athletes, agents and other officials should have direct access to information about clubs, youth academies, transfer offers and trial training sessions around the world.

In addition, TalentIDO has installed smart contracts that “ensure compliance with all transactions carried out on the platform”.

Partnership with Fieldoo

Fieldoo is an existing soccer marketplace that already has more than 350,000 registered players.

Users get access to all the platform’s services, including talent search, registration for various career opportunities and networking.

Sports Pass

The heart of the marketplace is the Sport Pass. According to TalentIDO, easy-to-create smart contracts are behind this passport, which athletes can use to create digital player profiles and share them across the entire platform.

The pass contains important player information divided into three categories:

  • Stations and achievements: club career, career stages, playing dates, number of minutes played, wins, defeats;

  • Video analytics and social media: game videos, performance analytics, presence in social networks – the economic value of a player can be derived from this data

Athletes should be able to decide with whom they want to share their data (eg scouts, clubs, federations). The platform aims to protect players’ interests while at the same time giving talent scouts confidence that data is verified.

That way, scouts can use the platform to specifically search for new talent that meets their requirements.

Offers can of course also be submitted via the platform. The contract conditions are published transparently for all parties. TalentIDO wants to give players full control at all times by telling them exactly what kind of deal they are entering into. They can then sign the contract digitally on TalentIDO if they are satisfied with the offer. This process is automatically saved in Sport Pass.

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