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Dash 2 Trade is a new platform that helps its users to get better trading performance. To do this, it brings many different analytics and intelligence tools under one hood so that they can be viewed centrally and through one tool.

In this article, you can find an overview of the platform’s planned features, why it pays for investors to get started, and how pre-sales are structured.

What is Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto platform that aims to make its users better, more confident crypto traders. The new project wants to establish itself as the Bloomberg terminal for the crypto scene. It offers its users a variety of features and analysis tools.

Since October 20, the associated token, D2T, has been available for pre-sale, allowing investors to secure them at a cheap price. Follow the project to be the first to know all Dash 2 Trade updates Twitterjoin the Telegram group or Discord server.

What features does Dash 2 Trade offer its users?

To ensure that it can support both beginners and professional traders, Dash 2 Trade packs a number of features.

  • Trading signals inform you in good time about the perfect time to buy or sell coins
  • Live market data provide a comprehensive overview of the industry and current trade movements
  • On-Chain Analytics provide information on whale activity or adoption measurements
  • list warnings send automatic notifications about exciting coin launches so you can stay one step ahead of the crowd
  • A unique one ICO scoring system helps evaluate crypto pre-sales
  • Strategy builder and back-testing allows you to develop your own trading strategies and test them on live data in advance
  • Auto Trading API simplifies crypto trading by providing a direct connection to your broker for trading
  • Social trading tools allows you to follow Dash 2 Trade’s most successful traders, as well as participate in community campaigns and cool competitions.

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What advantages does Dash 2 Trade have compared to other crypto projects?

Dash 2 Trade would like to offer the first all-in-one package for successful crypto trading: the project offers an exciting, diverse platform with comprehensive features for all traders. In this way, they can keep track of their portfolio, recognize warning signals at an early stage and thus make lucrative trading decisions.

These 4 reasons speak for getting involved in Dash 2 Trade while the project is still in pre-sale.

3-tier subscription system with the option of free membership

Access to Dash 2 Trade is possible via three different subscription levels: There is a free basic membership, the standard membership and the premium membership.

With the basic membership, some of the functions are not available at all or only to a limited extent. Here traders can access all market data as well as information such as market and social measurements for selected projects and pre-sales.

In the Standard Membership (400 D2T/month) and the Premium Membership (1,200 D2T/month) there is also access to the more advanced trading tools. This includes on-chain data, the ICO scoring system, auto-trading, the strategy builder and the backtesting platform.

transparency and security

The crypto industry is fast moving, entire companies can collapse within days: we saw it again last week. The security and transparency of a new project is all the more important for investors:

Why are platforms like #D2T so important today?

With #FTX collapse, we see how a top trading intelligence platform like D2T can help spot looming problems like FTX and help #traders and #investors find safe opportunities for market returns.

Especially with crypto pre-sales, these concerns play an important role in ruling out fraud, carpet pulling and the like. Therefore Dash 2 Trade Team has been verified by Coinsniper in advance. What’s more, the team is even known by name and can be found on the official Dash 2 Trade pre-sale website.

The code was also verified by SolidProof and rated as 100% secure.

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Innovative crypto presale evaluation tool

Pre-sales are a popular investment option in the crypto industry. Investors secure a new coin here at a good price, wait for the first listings and, with a little luck, can increase their investment many times over.

But since these are brand new projects, there is no market or chart data yet. The evaluation is only possible based on the information on the pre-sale website and the white paper. It is therefore extraordinarily difficult to verify whether this is a valid project with potential for the future, or whether it is another scam.

That’s why Dash 2 Trade is integrating a new presale scoring system into its platform. For example, this involves checking in advance what is known about the team, tokenomics and the smart contract of a pre-sale. This is used to assign a Dash Score that users can then use to decide on a project.

The product is already in store despite pre-sale

Dash 2 Trade Dashboard

For investors, the biggest risk in a pre-sale often lies in the question: Can the team really deliver the promised product at the specified time? Or will schedule changes pile up instead until the entire project eventually fades into oblivion?

But in this case, it’s different: Dash 2 Trade Team was actually able to secure 200,000 US dollars in venture capital in advance. With this financial buffer, the heart of the platform is already completed: the dashboard, where all tools and measurements are gathered at a glance, is already available in the basic version.

Currently, the Dash 2 Trade team is working on improving and expanding this until the end of the pre-sale so that the project can start with its main product immediately afterwards.

Overview of the Dash 2 Trade presale

Within 4 days, the project completed the first phase of pre-sales: the goal was $1.6 million. Just another 4 days later, the capital was already 3 million US dollars. Meanwhile, the pre-sale has been running for almost 3 ½ weeks, and the project has so far been able to receive about 6.5 million US dollars.

Dash 2 Trade is in the third of nine pre-sale phases. One of each D2T token is available here at a unit price of $0.0513. As the price increases with each new pre-sale phase, an early investment is particularly lucrative financially, as you can secure double-digit book profits.

The remaining pre-sale stages of Dash 2 Trade

  • Phase 3: Token price $0.0513 – 70 million tokens in total
  • Phase 4: Token price $0.0533 – 87.5 million tokens total
  • Phase 5: Token price $0.0556 – 87.5 million tokens in total
  • Phase 6: Token price $0.0580 – 87.5 million tokens in total
  • Phase 7: Token price $0.0606 – 87.5 million tokens in total
  • Step 8: Token price $0.0635 – 87.5 million tokens in total
  • Phase 9: Token price $0.0662 – 87.5 million tokens in total

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Dash 2 Trade Giveaway Campaign: Get $150K USD Now

For fans and token holders, Dash 2 Trade offers an exciting opportunity right now: the project is hosting a $150,000 giveaway

This type of action comes up all the time in the crypto industry. It serves to increase the sense of community within the community and to raise awareness of the project. Participation is very easy:

For a chance to win $150,000, fans just have to do one thing, like follow the project on Twitter, tweet about Dash 2 Trade themselves, or tag friends.

The only condition to participate in the draw is that the person must have at least 150 US dollars in D2T tokens in their wallet at the time of the draw.

Guide: How to pre-purchase Dash 2 Trade

In four easy steps, you can grab a share of Dash 2 Trade Tokens before the next phase of pre-sale hits and the price goes up. All you have to do is:

  1. Visit the official pre-sale site,
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. And buy the token with ETH, USDT or credit card.
  4. After the end of the pre-sale, the tokens can be redeemed via the claim button.

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