BMI – What is Body Mass Index and what does it actually say?

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Am I underweight, normal weight or overweight? Am I too fat or too thin? BMI (Body Mass Index) can provide information about this. BMI is a measure used to assess body weight in relation to height. In this article, we will show you how to calculate BMI and what exactly BMI says.

Body mass index provides information on whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. The calculation of BMI is a well-established and effective method to estimate your body weight as best as possible. The formula for calculating BMI is: body weight: (height)². In fact, this formula has been around since 1832, making it a useful benchmark for many weight loss enthusiasts. To get absolutely accurate results, it is advisable to use a BMI calculator. There you only have to enter your dimensions, age and gender and in a few seconds you have the result.

BMI – table & categories

If you have now calculated your own body mass index with a BMI calculator, you can look at a table where you have to classify yourself. This table and the categories are defined by the WHO (World Health Organization) and are intended as a rough guide. As a starting point, the BMI table is divided into underweight, normal weight, overweight and obesity (obesity).

When calculating BMI, of course, not only weight and height play a role. Other factors such as B. age and biological sex must also be taken into account. Because women and men have different requirements and therefore also different value classes. The normal BMI value for women is 19 to 24 kg/m2, for men it is 20 to 25 kg/m2. This is because men usually have a higher percentage of muscle mass.

Age is particularly important because the likelihood of developing the disease increases with age. Some fat reserves are good for this, which is why older people also have a higher normal BMI value.

It is important to note that different guidelines apply to children and young people.

BMI calculator and children

As children and young people continue to grow, the relationship between height and weight changes all the time. Therefore, different values ​​apply to them than to adults. There is therefore a separate table for children and young people. Especially in young people, BMI can only be seen as a very rough estimate of body weight. Allocation to underweight, normal weight or overweight can change quickly, e.g. B. during a growth spurt.

BMI calculator and what it actually says

It is important and correct to calculate your BMI and to know what weight range you are in. After all, you should know yourself and your body well to be able to make some changes and rethink your habits if necessary . However, the Body Mass Index only tells you which category you should be divided into based on the calculation result. However, he does not provide information about how the weight is distributed in the body and how it occurs. The Body Mass Index does not differentiate between fat mass, water and muscle.

So if you are fit and have a large percentage of muscle mass, it is very possible that the BMI will show you to be overweight, which of course would not be correct. The BMI calculator is therefore only of limited importance in relation to certain groups.

Our tip is therefore: Find the balance and pay attention to a balanced diet and regular exercise. Nothing is more important than being healthy and feeling good. The best way to do this is to start your day with a healthy and energizing breakfast!

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