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that to find best crypto under 1 cent, is not the easiest task. After all, the crypto market is flooded with new digital currencies every day.

But the research is worth it, because with cheap cryptocurrencies, high income can be achieved. For this reason, we analyze in this guide Top 4 Penny Cryptocurrencies, that you can buy on a budget.

Dash 2 Trade ? The best cheap cryptocurrency with potential!

Dash 2 trading

Dash 2 Trade is one Analysis of cryptocurrency and social trading platform, that can be accessed with the D2T token? an ERC-20 token that will serve as the project’s initial cryptocurrency. Since the release of the first round of pre-sales on October 19, 2022, D2T has already Raised over $6,000,000.

The Dash 2 Trade project offers revolutionary trading signals, which evaluates technical and social indicators to offer favorable trading strategies. The platform tracks socio-cultural movements by tracking the activities of the development team and Analysis of growth of cryptos on social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram. In addition, Dash 2 Trade offers several technical indicators such as moving averages and order book statistics to support informed decision making and to Improve risk management in crypto investments.

According to the Dash 2 Trade white paper, the platform will also do so Provide access to presale launches and strategy building tools, to review trading strategies and provide new cryptocurrency listing alerts. As a social trading platform, users can participate in weekly trading contests and earn D2T token rewards.

As one of the best utility tokens, D2T must be held to access the platform’s dashboard and dedicated trading tools on the Dash 2 Trade platform. Dash 2 Trade will offer a starter and a premium subscription. For the premium subscription 1,000 D2T charged monthly, while the starter plan is available for 400 D2T per month.

Currently, D2T tokens can be placed in third phase of the pre-sale round for 0.0513 USDT per token. The total token supply of 1 billion almost completely sold out and will soon end its presale.

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IMPT? The best sustainable cryptocurrency under 1 cent

IMPT is a new crypto project that will launch in just a few weeks raised more than $12 million and a top cryptocurrency under 1 cent! promises to offer a solution to one of the most pressing problems of our time? the climate crisis.

While many new crypto projects do not provide a real reason for their existence, IMPT wants to use blockchain technology to help individuals and businesses to mitigate climate changewhich is the IMPT token by far the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrency. As a result, IMPT has become one of the most exciting projects of the year, largely because of its unique approach to sustainability. This approach is about trading in CO2 credits, a popular method for individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

IMPT aims to become the most sustainable cryptocurrency of the project want to structure CO2 credits as NFTs. This eliminates the problem of ?double counting? eliminated in the traditional market for emission allowances.

According to IMPT’s whitepaper, users of the platform can use these Buy and sell carbon credits with IMPT tokens. This ERC-20 token is IMPT’s transaction currency and can even be earned through purchases from the IMPT platform’s partner brands. IMPT has already committed to this teamed up with a number of well-known names, which means users earn IMPT tokens when he makes a purchase from them. Some of these brands are Lego, GameStop, and Microsoft.

IMPT is in the pre-sale phase, which means investors are already buying cheap IMPT tokens can be purchased at an additional discount. Currently, one IMPT token costs only $0.023. The price will increase to $0.028 once the current pre-sale period is sold out.

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Calvary? A cheap play-2-earn cryptocurrency

Calvary Presale

Calvaria is a brand new play-2-earn trading card game that has gained traction in the last few weeks and is now a success raised over $1.7 million.

Calvaria is a play-to-earn game ecosystem with a special focus on involve new actors in the project. To that end, the team has worked to put together a series of training materials that Explain the process of creating a crypto wallet very simply. This is what sets Calvaria apart from its competition, which all too often neglects the players who aren’t already crypto-native. In fact, it is even possible Play Calvaria without owning a crypto wallet.

Creating a Web3 game ecosystem in this way has all sorts of advantages: by focusing on the game and user experience first, then incorporating game mechanics, monetization second, the team can ensure that User experience is a priority.

The first rounds of Calvaria advance sales sold out extremely quickly and the project has already raised $1.7 million. The pre-sale will be carried out in a number of phases with The price of RIA increases gradually at each stage. Currently, the price of each token is $0.025, but this one will rise to $0.055 by the end of the presale in the final stages.

The Calvaria team has also announced that Cryptocurrency will be listed on the LBank exchange once the pre-sale is completely sold out.

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Robot era? A new Metaverse penny cryptocurrency

the robot

RobotEra is a Metaverse gaming platform which aims to integrate NFT protocols and in-game monetization methods into an exciting metaverse sandbox game using TARO as a native cryptocurrency. Just as Metaverse tokens such as The Sandbox have achieved 1000x returns during ICO (Initial Coin Offering), RobotEra aims to to achieve similar success through TARO advance sales.

TARO launched in November 2022 and offers 270 million tokens in presale ? which is 15% of the total token supply (1.8 billion). TARO allows players to participate in RobotEra’s planet-like Metaverse ecosystem as an NFT robot avatar. These robot NFTs is minted on the Ethereum blockchain and has a limited supply of 10,000. EThere are 7 different robot NFTs? that exist on 7 continents on the planet Taro.

A player can gain access to the ecosystem by purchasing a robot NFT. The ERC-20 token, TARO, can also be used for to participate in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). RobotEra DAO allows players to make decisions about the development of the game, thus giving control to the players.

While major cryptos like Bitcoin have corrected strongly in 2022, will Crypto pre-sales are becoming more and more popular due to their high growth potential. TARO is currently in first round of its three-stage presale and trades at $0.020. This makes now the best time to buy this penny token as the price will increase to $0.032 in the last round of pre-sale.

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