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With nearly $13 million in capital raised, the pre-sale of the eco-friendly cryptocurrency IMPT is progressing. Almost six weeks have passed since October 3rd. Originally, such a period was estimated for the first pre-sale phase only. The dynamism and interest in the promising concept seems to have exceeded expectations. Did FTX Børsen’s insolvency not leave the sale untouched? In the short term, demand decreased somewhat, which also applies to all crypto projects in the difficult market environment.

Nevertheless, IMPT had already demonstrated in the previous weeks that it was able to raise new capital despite the bearish market sentiment. Can IMPT coin explode 10x after ICO in Q1 2023? Our IMPT forecast:

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These five arguments speak for a bullish price forecast

Five arguments why the IMPT coin could continue to raise capital in pre-sale and then pump to IEO in 2023. In an independent analysis, these aspects can form the basis of an individual investment case.

1. IMPT targets megatrends: sustainability, ESG and emissions trading

Many cryptos are banking on a megatrend to attract investors. Sometimes it’s gaming, sometimes it’s Metaverse. At, there are basically three target markets which, according to studies, will generate above-average growth in the next few years. After all, sustainability is becoming more and more firmly rooted in people’s consciousness. ESG assets are expected to attract large amounts of capital over the next decade, and emissions trading is also likely to enjoy increasing popularity as the market-based instrument promises great potential in the fight against climate change.

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2. Holistic claim: Everything at is sustainable

Sustainability is rooted in’s DNA. First and foremost, the whole concept aims to enable users to act sustainably. At the same time, the Ethereum network was chosen for the native token, which is based on the ERC-20 protocol. After the merger, energy consumption has been reduced by 99.9%.

As a company, would like to track its own emissions and in the next step also compensate.

3. Broad partner network: Over 25,000 companies

According to, a total of 25,000 companies have now been won over to the procurement platform. Among the affiliate brands from which you can buy products online and stationary via are well-known companies such as Amazon, Adidas, Microsoft or Lego. Right from the start, the white paper announced that over 10,000 affiliate partnerships had been entered into, which in turn included two billion different individual products. It should be many times that now.

4. Sustainability and environmental protection easier than ever

Many people want to live more sustainably and adapt their economic actions in a more environmentally friendly way, but often lack knowledge about the implementation. wants to solve this very problem and finally provide sufficient tools to prioritize sustainability? a promising concept.

?As a result, will be a unique solution that allows users to not only reduce their carbon footprint and help the planet, but also track their impact.?

5. Coherent concept with three different platforms: social media, emissions trading & online shopping

In the background, the developers of are working hard on the launch of various platforms that will fit together with IMPT. The focus is on the online shopping platform on which consumers shop and in return receive part of the margin as a reward. These IMPT tokens can later be exchanged for carbon credits (emission credits), which in turn can be traded in NFT-based emissions trading. Burning is also possible here to deliberately reduce the ecological footprint. The platform triad is rounded off by the social network, which connects sustainable consumers, offers a platform for eco-friendly projects and includes transparent CO2 tracking using the score.

IMPT Forecast: 10x by 2023 Really Possible?

With the sustainable concept, can be an exciting investment for medium-term investors, as demand on the platforms in particular will grow as awareness increases and then drive the IMPT rate. Nevertheless, a bullish performance seems possible as early as 2023. Using the final presale price of $0.028 to calculate the subsequent market cap would amount to $58.8 million at the ICO.

For a place in the top 100 of all cryptocurrencies? IMPT has a certain unique selling point here and can be traded as a first mover? it requires about five times the price. In a bullish IMPT forecast, we initially consider a 5x performance in 2023 to be possible. A neutral scenario would rather indicate a doubling. But even the equivalent performance of 100% in less than likely three months should be extremely enticing for most crypto investors, especially in the bear market.

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