Pioneer DJ – DDJ-FLX6-GT shines in a new design with a graphite look

AlphaTheta Corporation introduces the new 4-channel DJ controller DDJ-FLX6-GT from their Pioneer DJ brand. The controller is suitable for various DJ applications and replaces the popular DDJ-FLX6.

In addition to the fresh look, the new design of the DDJ-FLX6-GT also offers a new feel for the full-size jog wheels. These shine in a graphite look and, in addition to the metal texture on the upper side, also offer a rubberized coating on the outer ring. All this makes for improved playability. The rest of the device also presents itself in a sophisticated design with a brand new matte gray cabinet. Another important innovation that the DJ controller brings is the support for even more software. The DDJ-FLX6-GT now also works with VirtualDJ (license sold separately). Of course, Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro are still supported for free. VirtualDJ software can now also be used with the original DDJ-FLX6 (black and white models) when updated to the latest firmware version. After downloading the mapping files (TSI file), both models also work with TRAKTOR PRO 3.

The DDJ-FLX6-GT has all the features of the original, including Merge FX. These are ideal for wowing audiences and mixing songs from completely different genres. Whether it’s hip-hop to house, rock to EDM, or any other style, transitions are effortless with Merge FX. Using jog cutter and sample scratch*, you can easily spice up your sets with professional-sounding scratch effects.

To use the DDJ-FLX6-GT with rekordbox, the latest software version must be installed.

To use the controller with Serato DJ Pro, it is necessary to install the current software version. Corresponding coupons are included to unlock the FX Pack and Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Pack.

Anyone wishing to use the DDJ-FLX6-GT with VirtualDJ and TRAKTOR PRO 3 must purchase a license or subscription to the latest version of the respective software. To use TRAKTOR PRO 3, it is sufficient to import the map file (TSI file).

Product category: 4-channel DJ controller for various DJ applications
Model Number: DDJ-FLX6-GT
Guidance price: 649
Start of sales: Immediately


Revised design: graphite colored surface for an elegant look
The control layout of the DDJ-FLX6-GT is the same as its predecessor and corresponds to a club standard CDJ + DJM setup. This enables intuitive work. The new matt gray box and the graphite color of the jog wheels create an elegant look.

VirtualDJ support
The new controller now also supports VirtualDJ (licenses available separately). As before, free use of the rekordbox Core subscription and Serato DJ Pro is also possible. Also included are license keys for Serato FX Pack and Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Pack. The DDJ-FLX6-GT also works with TRAKTOR PRO 3, all you need to do is download the TSI file.

Thanks to the integrated audio interface (sound card), the DDJ-FLX6-GT is only connected to a laptop running compatible software via USB cable, so DJing can start immediately.

Full-size jog wheel with track position display for intuitive hang-up
Pitch bending and scratching feel familiar and natural on the DDJ-FLX6-GT thanks to the large jog wheels. This is also because the wheels are the same size as the multi-player flagship CDJ-3000. Each jog wheel has an on-jog display* that keeps track of the playhead position. The new rubberized surface on the outer ring gives a much better feel – especially when pitch bending.

Merge FX: Dynamic track changes at once
With the innovative Merge FX, sets get more drama, and it’s especially easy to mix different genres of music. This makes exciting transitions particularly easy, regardless of the BPM or key of the next track. The effect is activated with the push of a button and the speed is adjusted by turning in one direction or the other until the optimum tension in the track is reached. Depending on the selected pattern, the track can e.g. rise in pitch while a snare drum sample is triggered at shorter intervals until the transition to the next track is perfect. Pressing the button again ends the effect and – if previously set – triggers another sample to end the track. Then you can simply start the next song on the other deck or switch to another music genre.

There are eight Merge FX Pattern presets (four in VirtualDJ, TRAKTOR PRO 3 or Serato DJ Pro) and you can use your own samples. Anyone who plays with rekordbox has the ability to customize all settings to their own needs. There are 41 effect types to choose from within the four categories (Build FX, Build Sample, Release_FX and Drop Sample). These can be easily combined, so more than 9,000 different patterns are possible. Eight of your own patterns can be saved and accessed via the FX Select button on the unit. Perfect for creating unique blends.

Jog Cutter: Professional sounding scratch effects – with just one hand!
Moving the jog wheel with the jog cutter* enabled applies a professional scratch effect to the last used hot cue or playback position. There are 10 different scratch patterns that you can easily change with the jog wheel. As soon as you release the jog wheel, the track will continue to play normally from the hot cue position.

Sample Scratch: More creativity for favorite sounds
In the sample scratch pad mode of rekordbox, you select sounds that you have assigned to the sampler and then load them onto decks. Now it is possible to scratch with your favorite sounds to, for example, make a live remix of a track or to add texture to music. Serato DJ Pro or VirtualDJ users can use Scratch Bank* to trigger samples by pressing the performance buttons.

More functions
· USB bus power
Integrated sound card (audio interface)
· Performance Pads
· Class compliant (no drivers required)

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