New version of Playstation 5: Will the PS5 get a new design?

After the Playstation 5 only received a small update in the summer of 2022, Sony is revising the console again. Steffan Ulmert from “Lækagen” reports.

Therefore, the new Playstation 5 had to be significantly slimmer and lighter. It also gets a new design without a stand.

Production of the new version of the PS5 is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2023. Sales are scheduled to begin in the following third quarter. A September 2023 release date seems likely.

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As early as the third quarter of 2022, Sony introduced a new version of the Playstation 5, the CFI-1200. The innovations mainly concern the internal hardware. The console’s power requirements have been reduced. Depending on the model, the new version is also between 200 and 300 grams lighter than the original model. Now Sony was reportedly working on a new version of the Playstation 5 again. It suggests a delicious. What do we already know about it?

According to the leaker: is Sony working on a new Playstation 5?

Citing an anonymous source, Steffan Ulmert of The Leak reports that a new version of the Playstation 5 is on the way. Therefore, the console finally had to be slimmer. Fans have complained about the bulky design of the PS5 since its launch in November 2020. But the size of the console has a good reason. The processor, main memory and hard disk space take up a lot of space. The console was already made slightly smaller for the CFI 1200 version introduced in 2022, but this has not changed the design and housing of the PS5.

How does the new version of PS5 differ from the current one?

Unlike the last update, the next version of the PS5 should come with a completely new design. So the size of the console should be reduced so much that it gets a new case. This should be significantly smaller than the current home. Also, the stand should be removed. This may also mean that the curved white flaps, which are only decorative and serve no other purpose, are also revised or removed.

The new PS5 is also said to use less voltage. As a result, it does not heat up as quickly, which in turn can mean a smaller ventilation system. This could also make the console lighter and slimmer. The aim is to reduce production and transport costs for Playstation 5 through the lighter and more compact redesign.

When will the slimmer Playstation 5 appear?

“The Leak” also wants to know when the new PS5 will be launched. Therefore, the production of the slimmer Playstation should start in the second quarter of 2023. Sales are then scheduled to begin in the following third quarter of 2023. The possible release date of the new version of the console could therefore fall on a day between July 1 2023 and 30 September 2023. As the summer months are usually weak for trading, it is conceivable that the release will take place in September rather than July or August 2023.

Price: Will the new version of PS5 be cheaper?

There is no information yet on the price of the slim Playstation 5. The current Sony PS5 is available in two versions – with and without drive. The standard edition of the console costs (after a price increase in August 2022) 549.99 euros. PS5 Digital Edition without disc drive is available from 449.99 euros. Due to the high demand, however, the Playstation is constantly sold out and is usually only available at significantly higher exorbitant prices. It is therefore unlikely that the price will fall. Presumably their current price will be maintained.

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