“Every Bembel has more chances than a loser from the SPD”

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Of: Katja Thorwarth


Peter Feldmann was voted out as Frankfurt’s mayor. Will he be replaced by Prof. Bembel? © Boris Roessler/dpa

If PARTEI gets its way, Professor Bembel will become Frankfurt’s next mayor after Peter Feldmann. We spoke to their spokesperson Nico Wehnemann.

Sir. Wehnemann, you are the personal spokesperson for PARTEI’s mayoral candidate Prof. Dr. dr bangles How did she qualify for the post?

We in the PARTEI tour simply ordered them and of course received them immediately. We’ve seen the “crazy clowns” concept fail when Feldmann was voted out. With Prof. Dr. Dr Bembel, we are sending a serious candidate into the running for the city’s mustard pot.

People expect content from a bembel. What content does your candidate promise?

1, 2, 4 or 10 liters – depending on the result. In any case, it will be a multi-pressed outpouring of the finest that Frankfurt’s orchards have to offer. Prof. Dr. dr Bembel stands for an attitude to life that cannot be described with boring content. Sometimes it’s the botanicals, sometimes a hint of winter gold Parmane, Kaiser Wilhelm, Schafsnase, Luiken or Bittenfelder. In any case, Prof. dr. dr Let Bembel not be ruled by their ego, but by a blood or liver feeling. We are also considering the legalization and controlled release of nitrous oxide.

Mayoral election in Frankfurt after Peter Feldmann was voted out: PARTEI candidate as cider and cola

To person

Prof. Dr. dr Bembel was born in Frankfurt am Main. She is applying to become the new mayor of Frankfurt for PARTEI. She knows karate and stands for content that goes beyond pure type.

Portrait of the mayoral candidate Prof. dr.  dr bangles
Portrait of the mayoral candidate Prof. dr. dr bangles © PARTEI_OB candidate Bembel

What are your chances? More than 5.5 percent?

If we could count on PARTEI, we would guess 100% plus X. The X stands for the cider addition, i.e. either water, Fanta, Cola or Korn.

Rumor has it that Bembel is aiming for a coalition with Coke because of Generation Z. What’s up with the rumours?

Prof. Dr. Dr Bembel’s political style can be described as cider and coke: incredibly sweet, but almost unbearable. When it comes to the issues that move people in this city, she pours only pure cider with the finest Wetterau sparkling water to her constituents. In addition, cola makes bad teeth and has an explosive effect with Mentos. A collaboration with the political forces of the right wing, whose policy is only in favor of single-variety cider, gives Prof. Dr. Dr Bembel therefore a clear rejection. Frankfurt is a diverse city. For PARTEI, it starts with cider.

Mayoral election in Frankfurt after Peter Feldmann was voted out: PARTEI candidate for election from 16 June

How does Bembel relate to Alt-Sachsenhausen? She is said to be having an affair with Frau Rauscher…

Prof. Dr. dr Bembel has a relationship with all of Frankfurt. For example, she is in favor of voting from the age of 16. It is incomprehensible why a 16-year-old gets the right to romanize his armor with cider, but is not allowed to choose the roman himself.

Do you think you can undercut the campaign against Peter Feldmann in the mayoral race?

This will be very difficult even for PARTEI. The CDU has already presented an old, white man as a candidate for a – quote – “restart”. We do not aim to surpass that. With Uwe Becker, the CDU enters as the supreme boomer champion. With Prof. Dr. dr Bembel puts PARTEI on Oberbembelmeister Bürgerbembel. Does it sound complicated? After three acid sprays, no more! Must the thirsty voters decide for themselves what tastes better.

Would Peter Feldmann not run for PARTEI?

I don’t know anyone by that name. Who do you mean? Is that the right name for Bahn-Babo? Any commercially available banger has more chance of getting the office chain than a loser from Sozen. (Interview: Katja Thorwarth)

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