Immotor Bay: A power plant as a design object

When it comes to electrical devices, the most important thing is performance. What functions are there and what does the machine offer?
But in many contexts it is still nice if the device is also beautiful to look at. This is what the developers at Immotor also thought, who now want to come out with a new series of power plants with special design elements. However, the project must first be financed via a crowdfunding campaign before the energy storage units are actually available.

This is what matters when you buy a power plant.

Design features of the new power plants

The new Bay series from Immotor will shine with the magnetic shell covers in many different colors and patterns. These should probably even be replaceable, so that the design can be changed again and again.

Five Immotor Bays in different colors and patterns are displayed on pedestals.
The outer shell of the Immotor Bay Power Stations is not only intended to differentiate the units from the competition. It must also be waterproof and dustproof. © immotoric

Mobility is guaranteed by the attached bow handle, which is not only covered in leather for looks, but also for greater comfort.

Another design element is the built-in light, the so-called “Deluxe Ambient Light”. In addition to the integrated flashlight that other manufacturers also offer, the Bay series can be used to set colored light to suit the mood or your own preferences.

An Immotor Bay Power Station is shown with the ambient light on.
The Power Station’s ambient light can be adjusted to your own preferences. © immotoric

What is behind the beautiful facade?

The Immotor Bay Power Station is to be launched in two different versions with different battery capacities. Therefore, the Bay500 should be able to store 540 watt hours and the Bay1000 a full 1000 watt hours. The energy for this can come from the mains as well as from compatible solar panels.

The different capacities will also affect the weight of the units: the smaller Bay Power Station will weigh just under 7 kg, while the larger one will weigh around 11 kg.

A person carries an Immotor Bay Power Station.
The new Immotor Bay Power Stations are designed for convenience with a weight and carrying handle design. © immotoric

Various connections – such as USB-C, USB-A or DC round sockets – will be available to deliver the stored electricity. A maximum output power of 100 watts should be possible via USB-C. This is not only suitable for charging smartphones and notebooks, but also for e.g. larger drones. Compatible mobile phones can also be charged wirelessly on top of the power plant. According to the manufacturer, it should be possible to charge and use the power plant at the same time – with so-called “passthrough charging”.

A mobile phone is charged wirelessly at an Immotor Bay Power Station.
Immotor Bay Power Stations are designed to enable wireless smartphone charging. © immotoric

For outdoor use, the casing of the Bay Power Station series should also be waterproof and dustproof. However, proof of a corresponding IP certification is not yet available.

There is already information about a suitable app for this. The power plants should therefore be able to be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. After this, you can e.g. monitor consumption or charging of the power plant. In addition, the Deluxe Ambient Light should be controllable and there should be a bonus system for using solar energy. In this way, environmentally friendly behavior should be rewarded and supported.

The Immotor Bay Power Station app appears on a mobile phone.  In the background is the power plant.
The Power Station must be able to connect to the app on the mobile phone via Bluetooth. This enables both remote control and monitoring. © immotoric

The availability of the power plants

There is currently no information on the price or availability of Immotor’s new power plants. Crowd funding on Indiegogo will start soon. For updates on the campaign you can sign up for a newsletter either through crowd funding or Immotor Bay’s website. But the announced collaboration with the Green Power Network certainly points to the US as a target market.

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