Hurry now to see the industry’s most exciting crypto game launch.

An interesting pre-sale is currently running that should please crypto gamers. The Calvaria game will be released after the official pre-sale. If you want to be part of the project as a cornerstone, don’t wait too long, because the sale of the tokens has so far gone unexpectedly fast.


Cryptocurrency convinces in advance as a crypto game

The pre-sale started on October 14 and the crypto market is reacting to the purchase with great popularity. No wonder, because the developers of Calvaria deliver a particularly interesting game to the crypto world.

More and more crypto projects are now working to offer their users a game soon. The Calvaria developers rely on features that are in high demand. First, the ecosystem will have its own NFT marketplace where players can purchase unique playing cards. These playing cards are required for the Calvaria game.

NFTs are very commonly used to add a more personal value to a project. They also offer a high level of security as they cannot be copied or stolen. In the Calvaria ecosystem, it will be the playing cards based on NFT. These have unique abilities and 3D characters.

There will also be a play-to-earn mechanism in the game, which has created hype several times in the past. This gameplay allows players to earn real tokens while playing.

Calvaria: Dueals of Eternity – an innovative crypto game

The game will be divided into two areas. The developers allow players to choose a single-player mode or compete against other fighters. Those who will first explore the world of Calvaria on their own will be able to follow the story and collect valuable cards along the way.

Should the fighters decide to play player vs. player mode, they should first gain some experience and cards in single player mode. You should also keep an eye out for viable playing cards in the NFT market. If you want to compete against other players, you should have a strategically smart game of cards. The battles require skillful use of the unique abilities of the game characters on the cards.

Calvaria - Crypto project

If you successfully use your deck of cards against other players, you can win. For a win, the winner receives RIA tokens.

The game modes build on each other. In single player mode, players get to know the gameplay and the battles. Those who are well prepared can try their luck in matches against other players.

With the Calvaria game, the developers are relying on two factors that may become hype in the future. NFTs are becoming increasingly popular in the crypto world, offering users a personal touch in their crypto game, and the play to earn principle is also particularly popular.

Calvaria potentially has great hype potential and can ensure long-term demand. Due to the opportunity to earn real money while playing, the game has a certain addictive factor.

But the developers have even more features up their sleeve for their game that make it a unique project. The game will not only be available to the Web3 audience.

Even people who have no experience in the Web3 area can become a Calvaria fighter. Neither an RIA token nor a crypto wallet is required for single player mode.

This could allow the game to appeal to a whole new audience. This may affect not only the number of players but also the Calvaria course in the future. Should Web2 users decide to dive into the crypto world through Calvaria, the RIA coin will definitely be one of the first coins they buy.

With the game, the developers have the mission to connect the Web2 world with the crypto world. In their whitepaper they write:

“The mission of the project is to create the first effective ambassador between the ‘real world’ and crypto, achieved through the creation of a fun and accessible game, available on both mobile app stores and PC.”

Possession of RIA currency is only required for Player vs. Player mode where tokens can also be earned.

Calvaria pre-sales are approaching the fifth phase

The presale of the RIA token is running at breakneck speed. This started just under a month ago and over 102 million coins have already been sold. The project already took in $1.65 million.

The fourth of the ten phases is already 78% complete. In each section, the price of tokens will increase. In the fifth stage, the coins will cost $0.0300. The Calvaria forecast already knows that much.

Calvaria pre-sale at a glance:

  • Step 1: $0.0100 per token – 30,000,000
  • Step 2: $0.0150 per token – 30,000,000
  • Step 3: $0.0200 per token – 30,000,000
  • Step 4: $0.0250 per token – 30,000,000
  • Step 5: $0.0300 per token – 30,000,000
  • Step 6: $0.0350 per token – 30,000,000
  • Step 7: $0.0400 per token – 30,000,000
  • Step 8: $0.0450 per token – 30,000,000
  • Step 9: $0.0500 per token – 30,000,000
  • Step 10: $0.0550 per token – 30,000,000

Insight into the developer’s roadmap

Before the Calvaria game can be released, the developers behind the game still have some work to do. After the pre-sale is completed, the RIA token will begin trading.

After the token will be in trade for some time, the stake for the cryptocurrency must be published. This will initially increase the project’s liquidity. Both of these were due to take place later this year. The release of Calvaria Games is then scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

The developers are calling attention to the pre-sale on Twitter with several giveaway campaigns. They are giving away 100,000 RIA tokens among the participants. To be eligible for the drawing, users must have at least $100 worth of RIA Coins in their wallet.

By integrating two proven crypto applications, the project has great potential to be successfully launched in the future. If the game meets the needs of the community, regular innovations and updates can make it a sustainable project.

But first the pre-sale must be completed successfully. At the current rate at which the coins are being bought, it could end in early or mid-December. It is then decided how high the token will trade and how long the current demand will develop.

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