Traders predict 10x potential in these four coins as cryptocurrencies rise | news

The broad crypto market is currently in the red when looking at the weekly performance of many coins. Bitcoin fell around 20%, Solana even fell 60%. With the bankruptcy of the crypto exchange FTX, some turmoil returned to the digital currency market. Confidence has been shaken again, in a few days over $200 billion in market value has been wiped out. The bear market is still intact, another bull run is still far away, although there were signs of recovery before the FTX crash.

Now, traders are increasingly turning to promising crypto pre-sales, which are less correlated to the broader market and can ensure better results in bearish times. At the same time, here is a unique opportunity to accumulate tokens at a reasonable price in the early stages of development, before there is a possible pump after the ICO. Four coins with 10x potential in 2023:

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 trading

The first presale with 10x potential in 2023 could be D2T? this is the original token of Dash 2 Trade. The new cryptocurrency is set to revolutionize trading in the digital currency market by giving traders access to a wide range of tools and functions in the future. The AI-based dashboard will pre-filter the information to automatically master the many different data. Thanks to the use of Dash 2 Trade, traders can then make well-founded trading decisions and always act on the basis of relevant information.

The diverse concept makes Dash 2 Trade independent of individual crypto trends and must at the same time create added value for every trader. In addition, a successful start to pre-sales? over $6 million in capital was raised in about three weeks.

The native D2T token is currently available for $0.0513. Buy here before the next price increase.

RobotEra (TARO)

the robot

The RobotEra presale has only been available since the end of last week. In the future, the native TARO token will be the basis of the network economy in the new Metaverse by representing users with robot avatars. The new Metaverse NFT game is based on the successful model Sandbox ? after all, a top 50 cryptocurrency.

The positive thing about RobotEra is that they have a promising collaboration with LBank Labs. Thanks to the support, the first CEX listing should take place soon after sold-out pre-sales.

The TARO token is currently available for $0.020. Buy here before the next price increase. (IMPT)

IMPT Marketplace

The eco-friendly cryptocurrency IMPT is targeting a megatrend? sustainability and environmental protection. With the combination of a sustainable shopping platform, blockchain-based emissions trading and social interaction, the goal is to make it easier for users to make their own actions more sustainable. Meanwhile, those responsible have been able to win around 25,000 affiliate partners, including companies such as Amazon or Microsoft.

In about a month of pre-sales, was able to raise over $12 million in capital. The reference to megatrends, the versatile utility of the token and the potential reach of the network indicate potential.

The IMPT token is currently available for $0.023. Buy here before the next price increase.

Calvary (RIA)


Calvaria’s crypto presale is enjoying solid interest with almost the fourth presale phase completed ? thus the sales are approaching half. The NFT trading card game pursues ambitious goals. Because with a dualistic concept, will you finally create what many NFT games have been denied to date? into the mass market. With Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, there will be a free smartphone app that offers fun and entertainment. At the same time, there should be no entry barriers to the crypto game with a play-2-earn mechanism. Individual incentives are intended to simplify the conversion of conventional players to the blockchain space.

The structure of presales also reveals attractive opportunities for a significant return. One RIA token currently costs $0.025. Since the presale is structured in 10 phases where the price gradually increases, one RIA token should cost $0.055 in the end. Right now this leads to a book profit of over 100%.

RIA token is currently available for $0.025. Buy here before the next price increase.

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