Sheraton is adapting more and more hotels to the new design

Sheraton is adapting more and more of their hotels to the new design concept. A further five hotels with the new design will now be added.

In early 2021, the hotel chain presented its new design concept under the Marriott brand. More than a year later, there are nearly a dozen Sheraton hotels that have already undergone the transformation and renovation, InsideFlyer reports. We’ve rounded up the latest reopenings and how it all looks here.

The new design concept for Sheraton Hotels

With the new design concept, Sheraton wants to create a relaxed environment where guests can be both productive and connected. The focus is on modernity and technology. The lobbies and premises have been modernized and technically updated. The Sheraton Club must also be thoroughly renovated and upgraded everywhere. The hotels must become a comprehensive, central meeting place for customers.

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel And Conference Center
Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel
© Matthew Shaw

In January 2021, the first wave of new openings came. The first six hotels in the new look were Sheraton Phoenix Downtown and Sheraton Denver Downtown in the United States, Sheraton Tel Aviv in Israel, Sheraton Grand Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Sheraton Guangzhou and Sheraton Mianyang in China. Since then, the new design has also been presented elsewhere – now guests can see the result of the second major modernization round.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport, Germany

The Sheraton Frankfurt Airport has been extensively renovated over a period of three years.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference Center communal table
The community table at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel

Among other things, the rooms and suites were remodeled and a new meeting room was created.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference Center The Eatery
The restaurant “Spisestedet”

A new bar in the center of the lobby creates a sense of community, while new communal tables and Sheraton Studios give guests the privacy they need to be productive.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference Center Sheraton Club
Club Lounge

The renovated Sheraton Club now offers almost 300 square meters of exclusivity and space for meetings.

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel, Netherlands

The Sheraton at Amsterdam Airport also offers an extended lobby.

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel And Conference Center Lobby
The new lobby
© Matthew Shaw

Here, too, there are tables that are optimized with technical equipment for productivity.

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel and Conference Center communal table
The modern workplace
© Matthew Shaw

The restaurant and bars have been renewed and opened with a new design.

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel And Conference Center
The hotel’s restaurant incorporates the elements from the environment
© Matthew Shaw

The hotel’s overall design was inspired by the Dutch landscape.

Sheraton Djibouti, Djibouti

The Sheraton in Djibouti, North Africa, was one of the first international hotels to open in the city.

Sheraton Djibouti Studios
The hotel’s community and workplace

Since then, the city has continued to globalize. The hotel’s requirements have adapted to these circumstances.

Sheraton Djibouti lobby
The expansive lobby

Numerous suites and rooms have been remodeled over the past few years to reflect the new design. The common areas have also been adapted.

Sheraton Djibouti
The design is modern and the rooms are kept open

Now there are numerous meeting rooms, an open lobby with working facilities and a modernized and luxurious Sheraton Club Lounge.

Sheraton Grand Krakow, Poland

After the renovation, the Sheraton in the Polish city of Kraków now offers several rooms and suites with lots of natural light and an open floor plan.

Sheraton Grand Krakow stands
The closed boxes provide peace and privacy

The common areas are similar with modern and technological equipment.

Sheraton Grand Krakow Atrium
The atrium is flooded with daylight through the glazed ceiling

The hotel’s surroundings are integrated into the building by a large glass dome.

Sheraton Grand Krakow Community Table
The workplaces in the hall

The design is based on the Sheraton chain’s new community principle.

Sheraton Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The rooms and suites have been completely redesigned at the Sheraton Jeddah.

Sheraton Jeddah Hotel 1
The rooms and suites have an open plan

In addition, the presidential suite now offers luxury of almost 140 square meters. The lobby has also become more open and inviting, giving employees plenty of opportunities to concentrate.

Sheraton Jeddah Hotel communal table
The work area in the lobby

Tables and seating are modern in design with power outlets and other conveniences to ensure a productive working day.

Conclusion on the hotels in the new Sheraton design

The Sheraton hotel chain, which operates under the Marriott brand, is currently renovating many of its hotels and resorts. This aims to focus on the new design, which mixes community and productivity with modernity and technology. Five more locations have now reopened. Over the next few years, the remaining Sheraton hotels and resorts will gradually be modernized in this style.

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