Crypto Marketing: What You Need to Know as an Investor? Part 1

What does marketing in the crypto space mean to you as an investor? In this article, we clear up the colorful marketing jungle and give you an overview of some of the most important points. What should you be aware of? How do you more easily discover the next promising projects? We’ll tell you!

Crypto Marketing: What Is It Anyway?

What is the best way to briefly describe the often ambiguous concept of marketing? The venerable Oxford Dude explains marketing to us as follows: All business activities to increase sales by serving customers, advertising, observing and directing the market. Furthermore, marketing should also own Adapt the products to the customers’ needs in order to better compete in the marketaccording to the Oxford Dude.

So far so good. Translated it means, you want to sell something to the customer – that is, you! First of all, it’s not a bad thing. Good marketing can be fun, inspiring and entertaining. Good marketing can help you find interesting projects more easily. Good marketing can even make you love a brand or business and want to become and remain a loyal customer.

Where there is light, there is of course also shadow. If you’ve been active in the crypto space for a while, you probably know exactly what we mean.

Crypto marketing

What should you be aware of when researching marketing in the crypto space?

Basics, first and foremost two aspects to distinguish between. First: Is the marketing itself well done? Second: Is the project being marketed good? Even the best and most expensive crypto marketing campaign cannot sell a bad product well in the long run. Soothing, right?

Good marketing can only be as good as the team behind the project. As a professional marketing agency, you usually give the client a lot of feedback, which the project must implement first. However, in less professional or questionable projects, marketing is often only intended to quickly increase sales and blind youwithout a professional product being or can be established on the crypto market in the long term.

How to tell a good crypto project from a bad one is way beyond the scope of this article. As a starting point, however, you can ask yourself about the company something special do compared to other projects. Does the project solve an existing problem, or does it do something better than similar projects? In marketing this is called Unique Selling Point (USP) designated.

We focus on the following criteria to recognize good marketing in the crypto space. As already mentioned, this is a valuable indicator of it commitment and professionalism of a project.

The most important aspects of crypto marketing for you as an investor


Let’s start with the flagship of a crypto project: the website!

This doesn’t necessarily have to be unique and elaborate, but of course it can. The website should quickly give you a clear overview of the project. Can you find all the information you need? Is the page structure sensible and clear? Is the information reliable? Are the figures given correct? Can I check these? If there is no comprehensible product, you are the product – so they say. Ergo: An indication of fraudsters or money swindlers.

Is there an imprint or is a company registered? As a tip: Feel free to search the given address on Google Streetview. A mailbox in the Bahamas does not necessarily have to be bad and may have tax or legal reasons, but serious projects with substance tend to avoid such models. You can also check whether the publisher is up-to-date, i.e. the correct year is given. A website must always be updated.

Are the founders and their qualifications listed? Can you find them on LinkedIn? Do you have relevant experience in the area of ​​the project or your role in the project? Some projects – common to DEXs – often remain anonymous. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly reduces transparency. Then the question arises as to why the founders or project members prefer to be anonymous.

But even simpler indicators can help you: Are the photos of the founders professional, or are they just snapshots from the beach? Do these possibly match the look of the website? Are the graphics and icons correctly resolved and not pixelated or similar? Do all the links on the page work? Is there a uniform text and graphic language, i.e. do you have the impression that the site is made in one piece? This is also an expression of the professionalism of the projects.

Partners and collaborations

A popular trick to appear more successful is as many partners and collaborations as possible specified on the website. Don’t be fooled by the name drop or the large number of project partners. Often there is not much behind it, because there is no significant cooperation at the operational level. It might be worth googling for the partnership between the two projects. Is there media coverage? How big and important is the partner really? Is the partner or collaboration even useful for the project?

White paper and roadmap

Who does not know and love them: the white papers! They often consist of lots of hot air or incomprehensible “tech” text. Probably very few people even read them. However, these are often very revealing. Is the white paper correctly formatted, without errors and with attractive and understandable graphics? Are the lyrics easy to read and rich in content or is it only 10 pages with a font size of 14, double line spacing and meaningless content? A sensible white paper is also part of good crypto marketing.

Important: Is there a roadmap? Includes these significant steps or there is gaping emptiness and insignificance of the stated goals. It also pays to investigate whether announced roadmap targets have been achieved. In project management, there is a rule of thumb to plan 40% extra time. As with all projects, delays are the order of the day, but there are some terminal red wire and content topicality must be recognizable.


Of course, these were far from all the important crypto marketing aspects that you should know when doing your research. In the second part of this article, you will learn even more about marketing tricks of crypto projects within, among others, influencers, team members, media coverage, community and crypto exchanges. It remains exciting!


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