You can earn Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin and SHIB with this automated arbitrage trading wallet

The digital currency market is still struggling to overcome the ongoing bear market, and Bitcoin owners are turning to interest-bearing wallets as the best way to generate consistent profits in the current crypto climate.

Wallet savings plans offer several advantages such as the fact that they involve no risk and no work. Wallet holders do not need to track market prices and monitor open positions. They can simply live for the day while their capital earns interest far above those offered by banks or other traditional investment channels.

Unlike most other crypto investment options, wallets offer passive profits that remain the same in both bull and bear markets. Regardless of whether bitcoin falls in value or not, when invested in a savings plan, it works hard and earns a steady return while the wallet holder waits for the price to rise again.

Crypto investment without surprises

There are many wallets on the market today, but one of them is growing faster than the others.
ArbiSmart is an interest-bearing wallet and ecosystem for crypto services. Founded in 2019 and licensed in the EU, the platform can offer soaring returns of up to 147% per year as it uses invested funds to perform automated crypto arbitrage. This is a zero-risk strategy that generates returns from short time windows when a crypto asset is simultaneously available on different exchanges at different prices.

ArbiSmart’s system is connected to 35 centers where it monitors hundreds of assets simultaneously. The algorithm can perform a large number of transactions in less than a second. When he sees a price gap, he buys the asset at the lowest price offered and then sells it at the highest price offered to make a profit.

Price deviations occur constantly and with the same frequency, regardless of whether the market is booming, and they have a number of common causes, such as: B. Differences in trading volume between exchanges of different sizes.

The exact amount a wallet holder earns from a savings plan is determined by their account level, which is based on the amount of RBIS, the original token, they own.
To earn interest, an ArbiSmart wallet holder must have at least 1,000 RBIS, which places them at the Beginner 1 account level.

The more RBIS is held, the higher the return on balances in Bitcoin, Euro or any other supported currency.

Passive profits from savings plans are 100% predictable and even if the crypto market drops suddenly, the returns will remain the same and can be calculated using ArbiSmart’s Profit Calculator before depositing.

Suitability for all types of crypto investors

Another factor that puts the ArbiSmart wallet at the forefront of the field is the choice it gives wallet owners, allowing for the creation of a tailored home for the user’s capital.

The wallet supports 25 currencies including popular FIAT majors like USD, EUR and GBP as well as major cryptocurrencies from BTC, ETH and XRP to GALA, MANA, APE and SHIB. The funds can be withdrawn at any time interest-free or blocked in a savings account.

The schemes can be subscribed for a short period of 1 to 3 months or for a longer period of 2, 3 or 5 years, where the longer the savings are tied up, the greater the gain.

The manner in which interest on savings schemes is paid is also up to the wallet holder. They are paid daily and can be transferred directly to an available balance separate from the blocked capital on which they are earned and from which they can be withdrawn at any time. It can be added to the savings account’s locked-in capital every day for a better interest rate, and for the best rate of all, it can be deposited into RBIS and locked in for the duration of the plan.
Although savings balances can be opened in any ArbiSmart supported currency and wallet holders are not required to convert their Bitcoin funds to RBIS, a balance in RBIS will yield a much higher return than a balance in any other supported currency.

As easy as 1,2,3

Once a newcomer registers with ArbiSmart, they can open a savings plan in minutes from the dashboard and start earning interest the same day by following 3 simple steps:

  1. Buy a minimum of 1,000 RBIS with a few clicks RBIS management page
  2. Now click on the page “security deposit” and deposit capital in FIAT or crypto.
  3. Go to page “earn interest” to select currency, time frame, daily interest earning and deposit amount for the plan and then click CONFIRM to complete the process.

Expected future growth

Another reason why ArbiSmart has the potential to be far more lucrative than other interest-bearing wallets is that its native token, RBIS, is experiencing massive growth. Although major coins like Bitcoin continue to see prices fall, analysts predict that it will rise to 25 times the current RBIS price by the end of 2022.

This is partly due to the fact that more and more people are using ArbiSmart Wallet to protect against market volatility. Because RBIS is required to earn interest, more savings plans mean more RBIS demand. As more RBIS are locked into austerity plans and phased out, the supply, which is already limited, will decrease. As demand exceeds supply, the symbolic price will skyrocket.

Another major reason for the expected increase in token demand in the coming months is that ArbiSmart has several new RBIS tools in the pipeline in the coming weeks and months.

Q4 2022: In the coming months, ArbiSmart will publish the following:

  • A mobile application that allows users to store, exchange and buy cryptocurrencies
  • An NFT marketplace for buying and selling various types of non-fungible tokens
    An original ArbiSmart NFT collection
  • A DeFi protocol that offers a yield farming program with unique gamification features

1st quarter 2023: At the beginning of the new year, ArbiSmart will also introduce:

  • A professional crypto exchange
  • A game to earn metaverse with RBIS as in-game currency

Each of these new additions to the ArbiSmart ecosystem requires ownership by RBIS, and demand is fueled even more by the fact that all services are connected. For example, an ArbiSmart NFT could be used to increase a player’s score in the Metaverse. It will also be economically beneficial to make purchases in the ecosystem with RBIS. For example, the fees for a transaction on ArbiSmart crypto exchange are discounted when the fees are paid in RBIS.

As the increasing popularity of the wallet and all the new utilities drive up the RBIS price, wallet holders will reap huge capital gains from the increasing value of the token, in addition to gains from savings plans.

For 3 days from the publication of this article, ArbiSmart is offering 1,000 points for free to anyone who registers and opens a savings plan. Beneficiaries are automatically given Beginner 1 account status and are eligible to earn interest without having to purchase RBIS.

To take advantage of this limited offer, open a wallet now!

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