Princess Anne: How does she feel about Mike Tindall’s TV chat?

Princess Anne
Is Mike Tindall jeopardizing his relationship with his mother-in-law?

Mike Tindall and Princess Anne are said to have a good relationship. Will the harmony now be shaken by the former rugby pro’s participation in the British jungle camp?

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Just a few weeks ago, no one would have imagined that a member of the royal family could move into the British version of the “jungle camp”. Mike Tindall proved everyone wrong and amuses the audience with private anecdotes. What is going on right now in his mother-in-law, Princess Anne?

Mike Tindall, 44, doesn’t (almost) mince his words – at least when it comes to his marriage to Zara Tindall, 41, the favorite granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, † 96. The former rugby pro has sat around the campfire on TV show ‘I’ m a Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!” for a few days, the British equivalent of the RTL rating guarantees “I’m a star – get me out of here!”. Details of the first date with his wife Zara, 41, and the dramatic birth of his youngest Lucas, 1, have already been leaked. A small flirtation with a female crew member also filled the paper. For his controlled and conventional mother-in-law Princess Anne, 72, these headlines are likely to be a bitter pill.

Princess Anne should not be amused

At least that’s what royal expert Katie Nicholl suspects: “If you know Princess Anne … The idea that she’s going to sit there and cheer Mike on is completely unthinkable. I think she’ll think : ‘What on earth is he doing there?’ And those are probably the thoughts of most leading royals.”

What would Queen Elizabeth († 96) have said?

A senior representative of the British monarchy in particular would probably have lost the composure that had been tried over many decades. “One wonders if the Queen was still alive and knew how close Zara was to her grandmother, would she actually have a conversation [über das Erscheinen ihres Mannes] would have led and said: ‘Grandma, just so you know…”. I think that’s probably unlikely,” Nicholl speculates in an interview with “The Royal Beat” on “True Royalty TV.” Could Queen Elizabeth, † 96, have forgiven her for this omission?

Is Mike better than the Sussexes?

Meanwhile, Nicholl is also critical of Tindall’s TV outing from a financial point of view. “He’s making a lot of money from it. I think it all leads to the much bigger issue of royalty and commercialization.” And at the same time prompts the author to reflect on why Tindall’s well-paid job is less demonized than the Sussexes’ business ambitions: “We spend so much time discussing Harry and his businesses. How is it different? It’s not.”

If Nicholl is to be believed, the king is not entirely innocent of this development: “I think the point is that this really crystallizes Charles’ argument and vision for a slimmed-down monarchy.”

Zara Tindall hopes for good eating manners

Meanwhile, Princess Anne’s daughter stands by her husband and his decision. “Zara told me to go and be myself, which is all you can be. She said enjoy it and be yourself,” Mike told his fellow campfire campers. Allegedly, he could only upset her with one misstep on TV: “Zara’s biggest concern is how loud I am when I eat. She will be very happy if someone comments on how loudly I breathe when I eat because it is always a point she addresses.”

It is doubtful whether mother-in-law Anne shares her daughter’s fondness for chatterbox Mike in the end.

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