Muldooney’s Paris Launches New Luxury Handbags with a Strategic Partnership with 3D AG, High Security Holograms, Blockchain and NFT, 3D AG, Press Release

Muldooney’s Paris is making a fashion and digital comeback after nearly a decade by mapping its luxury leather handbags with innovative new blockchain elements in its supply chain. As one of the first companies in the luxury industry worldwide, the company introduces a 100% unique holographic key embedded in the physical handbag. The key is activated when paired with an NFT specially created for the limited edition of 600 pieces, creating a unique product that will hold its value for the long term.

Custom holograms

By integrating custom security holograms and blockchain technology, an innovative approach is taken to connect consumers, providers and luxury with Metaverse. Made entirely in Switzerland, the 3D AG holograms connect the physical product to its digital twin in the Ethereum network. As a pioneer in high-security holography, 3D AG has already produced over 70 banknote security features worldwide and specializes in the processing and transfer of micro- and nanostructures. The holograms are tamper proof, highly secure, uniquely designed and almost impossible to imitate, adding another layer of security and trust to the products. “With the Muldooneys hologram, we have not only built a bridge to the digital world, but also created a work of art that is equipped with several new holographic effects and security features that one would hardly expect from such a product,” says Martina Müller, CEO for 3D AG.

The goal of this approach is to allow customers to trace the origins of French savoir-faire and to create an exclusive value for each design that is difficult to imitate.

Ethereum blockchain traceability

The use of blockchain technology in the supply chain enables detailed traceability of proof of work, protection of intellectual property and control of the origin of Muldooney’s raw materials and proof of “Made in Paris” stored in a public smart contract on the Ethereum network, which is known for its high integrity, transparency and open access to the public.

A customer at The Beating Heart

Unlike enterprise blockchain models, which primarily benefit entrepreneurs, Muldooney’s model is a customer-centric model where customers benefit from full transparency and availability of all information secured in a public smart contract. Customers benefit from the tamper-proof security features of the hologram that link the physical product to their own digital NFT. Each physical item is paired with its own NFT, which is sent only once, adding another layer of authenticity. Each NFT is linked to a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, increasing the resale value for customers.

“The ever-changing world of the luxury consumer demands that we combine safety, truth, rarity, beauty and connection. At Muldooneys, we raise the bar and break with age-old conventions. Our customer is the heart and soul of our avant-garde supply chain With the strategic partnership with 3D AG, we have found a strong partner that is open to new ideas and ground-breaking solutions for the luxury supply chain, says the company’s founder, Marlène P. Naicker.

The handbags are made to order, with each series inspired by stories and legends. For the current relaunch, the product story was inspired by the cosmic love story of Meenakshi, the warrior goddess from the ancient land of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, southern India.

Founded in 2005 by fashion entrepreneur Marlène Pathmavathie Naicker, Muldooneys is synonymous with an understated approach to luxury. After a ten-year hiatus, Muldooney combines technology and French savoir-faire with this ground-breaking relaunch. Each Muldooney’s design is high-tech and has a unique digital footprint.

The relaunch of the brand includes eight limited series at intervals of four to six months. Each with pop culture themes and stunning avant-garde designs that form the basis of different worlds within Muldooney’s Metaverse. Each of the coveted flagship products is limited to six hundred copies of the design, produced and sold only once on pre-order. Then new product lines follow. The next edition of Muldooney’s to enter the Metaverse is African-inspired.

The first of the Meenakshi-inspired limited edition products is available for pre-order now. Interested parties can learn more and purchase limited edition products on Muldooney’s website.

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