Making coffee wrong: Each of us makes these mistakes

The time when we have our first make coffeeis usually right after getting up when we die first cup urgent need. It is not surprising, because the black brew wakes us up, lifts the spirit and tastes good to most people. At least if you prepare the drink correctly. But did you know that a lot can go wrong when making coffee? We show you 10 mistakes when making coffeethat spoils the taste of the coffee.

Making coffee: 10 mistakes you shouldn’t make

Making coffee – Mistake 1: Cleaning the coffee machine

A coffee machine needs to be pampered and cared for. Only then does she spit out the delicious black gold. Logically speaking, you should therefore spend some time cleaning your coffee machine every now and then. Lime deposits caused by the water make your coffee undrinkable.

Experts therefore increasingly advise against filling the coffee machine with tap water, but instead prefer to take mineral water from the bottle. A water filter can do wonders. However, there are also lime residues in these waters. The machine still needs to be cleaned, although not quite as often.

Making coffee – Mistake 2: Improper storage

If the coffee is stored in the refrigerator, it will absorb the flavors of the food stored in it. Coffee with cheese? You certainly don’t want that.

Therefore the following applies: It must always be made before the coffee store dry and protected from light will. And don’t do it for too long. Otherwise, it loses its flavor and becomes bitter.

Your coffee must always be properly ground. Photo: Getty Images / limpido via Canva

Making coffee – Mistake 3: Incorrectly ground

Some of us buy whole coffee beans and grind them at home for the next few days. However, this is not a good idea! After that grounded coffee quickly loses its aroma.

Making coffee – Error 4: The water is too hot

Just boil water, pour it into the French press and drink the coffee? Incorrect! When making coffee, you should make sure that your water is at a temperature of 90 to 95 degrees. Because when the water is too hot your drink tastes bitter and burnt.

make coffee
Coffee can give you a good start to the day – if it tastes good. Photo: NOVELLIMAGE via / Imago Images

Making coffee – Error 5: The water is too hard

Water is the main ingredient in coffee and is therefore decisive for the taste of the drink. But if it contains too much lime, the coffee tastes stale. On the other hand, if the water is too soft, the drink will taste too sour and bitter.

If you want to know how hard your water is, you can simply buy test strips that you can Determine the hardness of the water able to. You can then see if it is worth switching to a water filter or mineral water to make coffee.

Editor’s tip: Our tap water is of very good quality. You can find out how good it really is here.

Sweet coffee with honey
There are many good alternatives to a paper filter, for example a porcelain one. Photo: Pexels via

Making coffee – Error 6: Wrong filter

There are many different ways to prepare your coffee. For example with a classic machine, a hand press or a strainer. But especially for filter coffee many of us gain weight paper filter. However, sensitive palates often taste the taste of paper. An alternative is therefore other filter options. For example, made of porcelain or copper.

Making coffee – Mistake 7: The wrong ratio between water and coffee

As you can see, there are some tricks and hacks to prepare the coffee perfectly. But we would still like to tell you a few things at this point: For the perfect coffee, it also depends on it correct water-to-coffee ratio on.

It’s loud European Coffee Association 60 grams of coffee per liter of water. For real coffee lovers, it therefore pays to really weigh the amount and adjust it to taste and not just mix it all together.

According to this specification, there are 6 heaping tablespoons per liter of coffee. For a cup of coffee. For a regular cup of coffee, there are 1.2 tablespoons of coffee to get the optimal ratio.

Making coffee – Mistake 8: Boredom

The worst thing you can do to your coffee is boredom. Yes, sometimes you just want your coffee to serve its purpose. So a black American will do without milk. But if you really want to do something good for your palate, let your coffee come to life. For example with a few spices.

  • Cocoa powder and cinnamon: Add a pinch to each pot and enjoy the enhanced aroma. You can find out exactly how to use cinnamon in coffee here.
  • A pinch of salt: With a little salt in the coffee, the coffee tastes milder and more even.
  • A little chili: The spice not only goes well with dark chocolate, but also gives a pleasant and interesting spiciness to the coffee.

Preparing coffee – Error 9: Wrong way of preparation

Coffee can be prepared in so many different ways. For example, instead of the usual latte macchiato or espresso, how about a Dalgona coffee or cold brew?

Making coffee – Mistake 10: Pour too late

If you either make the coffee for several people or don’t want it to be as strong for you, it’s worth having Brew coffee several times. However, a lot can go wrong in the process. You should not wait too long between the individual infusions, otherwise The coffee gets cold, it just tastes bland and everything just takes longer. After all, you want to enjoy your first cup right away. So don’t let yourself have too long between infusions!

Have fun trying!

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