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EV Technology Group (OTCQB: EVTGF, NEO: EVTG, DE: B96A) has partnered with CALLUM, led by legendary designer Ian Callum, to explore the future of EV Technology Group’s electric vehicles as part of its “Brand House” to design.

CALLUM will carry out research and ideas to support the EV Technology Group in the development of its brand portfolio and innovative premium electric vehicles.

EV Technology Group electrifies iconic brands with the goal of redefining the joy of driving for the electric age.

Toronto, Ontario, November 10, 2022. EV Technology Group Ltd. (OTCQB: EVTGF, NEO: EVTG, DE: B96A) (“EV Technology Group” or the “Company”) today announces that it has engaged leading UK design and engineering consultancy CALLUM to develop future premium electric vehicles for the company’s home brand.

CALLUM, co-founded by legendary designer Ian Callum, will be responsible for a research and development project for future electric vehicle designs within EV Technology Group’s brand portfolio. EV Technology Group has recently acquired Marazzi, Fantuzzi, Brewster & Co. and Officine Stampaggi Industriali and has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire MOKE International Limited, the official manufacturer of MOKE vehicles since the acquisition of the original brand in 1964, signed. The company will continue its expansion with other iconic brands that will help bring the joy of driving back to an electric age by supporting the transition to electrification.

CALLUM and its growing team of designers and engineers are able to offer everything from research and concept design, through vehicle engineering and development, to finer details such as leather interiors, additive manufacturing and sustainable materials.

Wouter Witvoet, CEO of EV Technology Group said: “As EV Technology Group builds a brand house with such iconic brands, it is important that we create the right pillars and templates and implement best-in-class strategies early on. I am delighted that a recognized industry leader like CALLUM will guide and support us as we are preparing for future growth. We are already seeing good results and this could lead to involvement in many future projects.”

Mark Stubbs, Head of Design, Electric Vehicle Technology Group, explained: “Bold and sophisticated design will be one of the key features of EV Technology Group’s future vehicles, so it is a great pleasure to work with Ian Callum and his talented team at CALLUM. They are already providing us with some extremely creative design solutions for future light electric vehicles based on EV Technology Group technologies and giving us excellent insight into the development of our brand house and a range of revolutionary future electric vehicles.”

Ian Callum, CBE, Design Director of CALLUM said: “CALLUM’s mission is to create design stories that capture the imagination. The scale of EV Technology Group’s ambitions and mission to reinvent iconic brands means there is potential to do just that. There is nothing a creative team loves more than unlimited possibilities. We will continue to evolve each design language to ensure these brands remain compelling and relevant in an electrified world.”

David Fairbairn, director of CALLUM, had the following to say: “EV Technology Group was looking for a design partner that didn’t just show off a bunch of pretty flourishes. Creative ideas also need technical substance to streamline the early stages of development and bring them to commercialization faster. We expect CALLUM’s combined team of designers and engineers to fit seamlessly with the talent of the EV Technology Group and address its challenges while embracing the opportunities these brands offer.”

About EV Technology Group

EV Technology Group was founded in 2021 with the vision to electrify iconic brands – and with the mission to redefine driving pleasure for the electric age. EV Technology Group is driving the electric revolution through the acquisition of iconic brands that bring beloved automotive experiences into the electric age. Backed by a diverse team of passionate entrepreneurs, engineers and drivers, EV Technology Group creates value for its customers by taking the entire customer experience into its own hands – through acquisition and partnership with iconic brands with significant growth potential in unique markets and by controlling the bottom line. -two-end functions. For more information, see: https://evtgroup.com/


CALLUM is a design and engineering company that creates custom-made products in limited editions. CALLUM focuses on design, lifestyle and travel and deals with projects that fascinate, inspire and tell a story. CALLUM is an association of talented individuals with experience in art, sound, cars, fashion and motorsport. Agile and nimble, CALLUM produces exquisite design underpinned by quality workmanship using the latest technology in design, prototyping, machining and garmenting at its 30,000 ft² facility in Warwick. Founding members include British designer Ian Callum, CBE, who is admired for his successful work in the automotive industry, which includes the Aston Martin Vanquish, Vantage and DB9, Jaguar F-Type, F-PACE, XJ and most recently my World Car of the Year award-winning I – PACE.


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