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20% down for the S&P 500, double-digit losses for the MSCI World Index year-to-date. The stock market made very few shareholders happy in 2022 – especially if you look long-term. But the current stock market year is rapidly coming to an end. Now, slowly but surely, it might be time to move on and build a powerful stock portfolio for 2023. Which stocks should I buy now? Here are the best investments for 2023.

Buy stocks in the bear market: the best time for long-term wealth accumulation

Before we look at six companies that appear to be worth buying at current price levels, one more question arises: why even invest in stocks now? A bear market, when prices are falling, is the best time to gain an advantage in long-term wealth accumulation. Because to get the average return on the stock market, prices must rise significantly after a bear market. Those who boldly buy at low prices and stockpile stocks can benefit disproportionately in the medium term.

1. Airbnb stock

Airbnb stock is down 35% year-to-date. Nevertheless, as an innovative booking platform, Airbnb remains the benchmark for all things modern travel. As an intermediary, your own business model is not particularly capital intensive. Airbnb’s above-average growth makes it a quality stock that is also increasingly cheaply valued. Despite fears of recession and inflation, people should continue to travel in 2023 and diligently book accommodation – because there is still a need to catch up after the corona pandemic.

2. Thermo Fisher stock

As a leader in scientific research and development, Thermo Fisher has a fundamentally defensive business model. The low dependence on the economy favored an outperformance compared to the overall market in 2022. The US stock can build on this in the coming year. Thermo Fisher is attractive with high margins and a decent return on investment that continues to improve. The pricing strength and solid balance sheet also prepare the company for a difficult macroeconomic environment in 2023.

3. Adidas stock

The next profit warning from Adidas – but shares in Germany’s biggest sporting goods maker are trading more solidly today. This impression can also be carried over to the coming year 2023. With the new CEO Björn Gulden, who has an astonishingly impressive track record at PUMA, the trend reversal should succeed in 2023.

4. Mercado Libre stock

While e-commerce companies such as Amazon report weaker numbers, the same is not the case for its South American counterpart MercadoLibre. Recent quarterly numbers have been strong, but the stock is still down over 20% in 2022. 2023 will see further tapping into the addressable market of over 600 million consumers – so a potential valuation could be well above the current market cap of $45 billion .

5. Walt Disney stock

The core business is booming, the streaming growth exceeds all expectations. This is how you can describe the current situation at Walt Disney. Still, analysts’ estimates for sales and earnings last quarter could not be reached. Rising costs are also weighing on business for the oldest entertainment group in the world, while those responsible point to weakened growth. The streaming business is expected to become profitable in 2024 – an improvement in this regard in 2023 could already make shareholders jump for joy and boost Walt Disney stock.

6. DBS Group share

Asian growth without the China risk – that’s what investors see in DBS Group shares, which are up around 15% this year. As the leading bank from Singapore, the DBS Group pre-finances growth in Southeast Asia and is also considered extremely innovative. At the same time, the regularly respectable dividend yield is attractive – here, as much profit is distributed as cannot be better invested.

Stock alternative: These three pre-sales could pump after the ICO in 2023

Investing in shares is a way to build wealth and generate positive returns. The digital currency market, which is suitable for diversification, is also becoming more and more popular. In the past, participating in a crypto presale has sometimes yielded absurd returns that are hard to find in the stock market. Of course, presale tokens come with risks, but the upside potential is huge. Three pre-sales that could pump for the ICO in 2023 are here:

Dash 2 Trade: Dash 2 Trade wants to build an innovative trading platform that offers traders significant added value in information gathering, data analysis and decision making. As the digital world increasingly delivers an almost unmanageable mass of data, Dash 2 Trade relies on AI technology. Trading signals, on-chain data, metrics or social trading are just a few facets that private traders can take to the next level in crypto trading.

Two Dash 2 Trade

IMPT: The eco-friendly cryptocurrency IMPT is currently in the second phase of presales. This should be completed in 2023 – then the ICO is planned. IMPT.io creates a sustainable shopping platform that simplifies eco-friendly commerce. At the same time, those responsible want to make emissions trading more transparent and simpler – potentially lucrative target markets.

Go to IMPT.io

Calvary: Who doesn’t know her? The NFT games like Axie Infinity or Tamadoge that pumped heavily after their ICO? Calvaria could be the next successful P2E game, admittedly taking a slightly different path. Because the whole concept is based on a dualism. First comes the free smartphone app – Web2 and easily accessible. This should also appeal to conventional players and bring them to Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. Later, these will then be converted to P2E games, if the vision formulated in the white paper is up to it.

To Calvary

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