Cryptocurrency expert shares 3 tips to properly invest in crypto

Florian Sondershausen


Florian Sondershausen is the founder and CEO of Sondershausen Media GmbH, the first TÜV-certified training institute for blockchain technology in Germany. Based on a well-thought-out concept, the cryptocurrency expert and his team support their clients with calculable asset building in the crypto market. He places great emphasis on a complete explanation of the opportunities and risks of cryptocurrencies.

Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether: cryptocurrencies are in vogue. The subject is omnipresent in the media: Spectacular success stories of people who have made millions or billions in profits using crypto – thus becoming rich almost overnight – are reported again and again. Development is fast: Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies have evolved from a marginal phenomenon to a serious factor in the financial world, which is rightly on everyone’s lips. In recent years, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. experienced huge increases in value. But they also have to accept large losses in value again and again. This makes it difficult, especially for private investors, to correctly assess the opportunities and risks of cryptocurrencies, says Florian Sondershausen, founder and CEO of Sondershausen Media GmbH.

“The world of crypto holds as many dangers as it offers opportunities,” reports the expert. “In the beginning, it’s less about becoming a millionaire quickly and more about making sure you don’t lose everything overnight.” Nevertheless, the total loss of layperson and novice assets is the order of the day, not least because the crypto industry in particular is heavily burdened by fraud and scams. Florian Sondershausen wants to change that with his offer: Sondershausen Media GmbH has its headquarters in Germany for good reason. “A German GmbH is committed to absolute transparency,” explains the crypto expert. “Confidence in our offer is also created by the fact that we are the first TÜV-certified training institute for blockchain technology in Germany.” The team of crypto professionals stands by its proven strategy, which has already enabled hundreds of people to achieve more freedom and financial independence – and the trend is still rising. Florian Sondershausen has summarized what you should consider if you want to invest properly in crypto in three tips.

1. The “fear of missing out” is a conceit

Yes, it can be extremely rewarding to make your money work for you. However, you should refrain from investing simply because you are secretly afraid of missing out. This phenomenon is called “Fear of Missing Out”, or “FOMO” for short. However, it is important not to rush into anything, especially in the crypto market. The growth potential in the crypto space is still enormous – so there is no need to rush into action.

2. Learn the basics

In order to invest in cryptocurrencies correctly, you need the right knowledge and a good strategy. After all, investing is always a risky business with large fluctuations in both directions. Incredible profits are as possible as huge losses. For this reason, Florian Sondershausen advises to take a closer look at the overall picture and clarify open questions. For example, what is blockchain or how do peer-to-peer payments work? These things should be clarified in advance. Additionally, interested parties should only invest in cryptocurrencies that they truly understand. If you don’t want to take any risk, it is best to start with Bitcoin.

3. Do your own research

Finally, it is also important to obtain detailed information in advance. Investors should proceed by the motto “Do Your Own Research”, in short DYOR. What is meant is that as a private investor you should take care of your own research instead of hiring an external provider to do it. Working with others is always helpful and makes dry topics more exciting. But selling assets that others should be taking care of profitably usually ends up in a dead end for fraud or fraud. That’s why it’s important to approach offers that sound too good to be true with healthy skepticism. For example, the question of whether the coin is listed on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap is important. It is important to obtain sufficient background information that provides information on how promising a project actually is. Is there a white paper? Are you actively working on the project? How is the roadmap going? And above all: What problem does the project solve for me, my environment and the globalized society? Questions that you should definitely answer for yourself before making a far-reaching decision.

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