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A coin launch provides an excellent opportunity to purchase a new cryptocurrency before it is released to the public. This often means that investors can buy this cryptocurrency at a deep discount. This triggers the token presale one of best investment opportunities.

However, these large returns are common associated with significant risks. Because of this, investors should understand how a Crypto Presale works and what to watch out for.

What exactly is a coin launch

A coin launch is a popular method used by new crypto projects to raise money for new products and services. A coin launch or ICO (initial coin offering) corresponds to an initial public offering (IPO).

Many such coins have previously been on pre-sale brought high returns to early investors. In a crypto presale, a certain amount of a new cryptocurrency is sold at a discount before the cryptocurrency can be traded on exchanges. Usually it is Crypto presale divided into different phases with different discounts. This rewards early adopters and early investors which buys a new cryptocurrency as early as possible.

Best token presale of the year

While a token presale allows investors to buy cryptocurrencies at a greatly reduced price, it can be difficult to find a promising project worth investing in. That’s why we have these ICO list 2022 created where we present some of the best Coin Launch 2022.

The best coin launch 2022 is Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 trading

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is native tokens of a new crypto trading platform, which creates an analytics-driven process designed to help investors and traders improve their performance and increase earnings.

Dash 2 Trade managed to Raise a staggering $400,000 within just 24 hours of launching the presale, and since the hype surrounding the project build-up and demand is only increasing, the project is now just over two weeks away already raised over $5.5 million.

The project is now in the third of nine pre-sale phases, where tokens are sold for $0.0513 each. In each subsequent phase, the price per token increases gradually, eventually reaching a price of $0.0662 in the new phase. This means that the earliest level 1 investors essentially Slightly more than 39% could immediately benefit from advance sales alone.

The project’s native D2T token has a wide range of applications within the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem, above all, it is the currency that users must pay for their Dash 2 Trade membership.

Dash 2 Trade is best currently available token presale. Not only does D2T represent a great opportunity as an investment, but the Dash 2 Trade platform can offer tremendous value to investors throughout their lifetime as an investor.

It pays to be quick to invest in this exciting project in an early pre-sale period. All important information can be found with the official Dash 2 Trade Presale.

IMPT is a crypto presale that aims to help tackle the climate crisis

IMPT Token Presale

IMPT is a brand new Coin presale which only recently started but already in three weeks has secured an investment of 11 million US dollars. The project, led by a team with years of experience in various large commercial and telecommunications companies, aims to help to tackle a major problem in the modern world – climate change.

Unlike many unnecessary token pre-sales, IMPT wants to solve a real problem and make individuals and companies more aware of their carbon footprint and offsetting it. The unique crypto project has teamed up with Thousands of retail businesses merged and wants to try to alleviate the climate crisis by offering CO2 credits.

Therefore, IMPT is considered by many investors the most promising and best coin launch 2022 Viewed, as many well-known companies such as Amazon, Adidas, Microsoft and GameStop work with IMPT. Together with these companies, IMPT wants to make it possible to support a number of approved and verified environmentally friendly projects and organizations.

In Phase 1 of the presale, 600 million tokens were sold at $0.018 each. Phase 2 of the coin launch is currently underway, priced at $0.023 per token. In phase 3, the price of one IMPT token will then increase to $0.028 – one 55% increase on the original starting price.

If you wish to participate in the IMPT pre-sale, you can do so through the official website.

The best coin launcher for gamers is Calvaria

Calvary Presale

Calvary is one upcoming NFT card game. The promising card game is a so-called games to earn games which allows its players to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. Calvaria rewards players with its native eRIA token for winning tournaments and duels. All trading cards are NFTs that can also be purchased through the Calvaria Marketplace using eRIA tokens.

On the other hand, the native RIA token is also used for Governance and staking are used. This allows RIA owners to ensure the proper functioning of the Calvaria ecosystem and vote on critical issues related to the platform. RIA tokens can also be used for crypto stakes to earn passive income.

Calvaria is unique because the game both free-to-play and play-to-earn versions comes on the market. While the free-to-play version has fewer technical and financial barriers, the play-to-earn version allows players to earn their earn money on gaming skills. With this unique approach, Calvaria gives players the power to choose. The objective is attracting traditional players to crypto games over timeby educating them about the benefits of choosing P2E. It does a lot to maintain a loyal user base, which is something most crypto games lack.

Calvaria currently offers RIA tokens in one exclusive coin launch on. This Crypto Presale consists of a total of ten phases. after the first three phases quickly sold out var, the Calvaria token sale is currently in phase 4 where RIA tokens can be purchased for $0.025 per token.

In the tenth and final stage, the Calvaria tokens will be sold at $0.055 per token. token – a 450% increase over Phase 1 and a 120% increase compared to current price. Since Calvaria has already raised over 1.5 million US dollars in a few days, investors should be quick to secure a cheap token price. More information is available on the official Calvary website.

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